Anyone else lose?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I got owned :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. Fuck this test Im straight!
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  3. Not that homosexuals offend me but funny enough....

    Country: Dominican Republic
    Animal: Octopus
    Colour: Purple

  4. Country: Dubai
    Animal: Upland Gorilla
    Color: Black
  5. Plopspot definitely lost the test :pity1:
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  6. Too bad Gayo is such bad fap material. And Ryan isn't legal.
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  7. Dubai's a city in UAE.....
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  8. Yeah I realized that. I regret nothing.
  9. Hahahah stopspot doing a stopspot.
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  10. Dubai isn't a country :pity2:
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  11. Country: Dijibouti
    Animal: Iguana
    Colour: Green

    NO, I did not cheat because I guessed a gray elephant! :urm:
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  12. Denmark... Eagle.... Brown.... I FCUK SUCK! :upset:
  13. I legitimately could not think of a country that started with D. I guess the test can tell if you're stupid too, lol.
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  14. I would love to speak with the maker of this so called test. Where is the correlation between Denmark, Elephants and being gay?! oh yet ok so I ashley said Denmark, elephant & grey but that make me gay?! oh hell no! This not make any sense and I think it not really to tell if you gay! I love women only! Not mans!
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  15. The fuck, it was close for me but I had Grey Eel from Denmark.
  16. "Think of a country beginning with a D" First thing that came to mind was dick. Pretty sure I lose my default :mad2:
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  17. I thought abut Deutschland LOL. It's Germany in English, but in German is Deustchland
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