Anyone else notice this?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. I love how WWE are actually giving Ryback more personality additions to his current gimmick which is ever so similar I guess to Goldbergs.

    First you had the head nodding to his music, now this week on SmackDown he generated a "Ryback, Ryback, Ryback" chant for when he does that.


    (Don't think Americans can see vid :S)

    I really hope this catches on, I can see him getting really over eventually.
  2. Ryback is awesome. Put him in real feuds/matches. If they book him correctly, he'll be over, for sure.
  3. As long as he's making weekly RAW appearances I'm fine with being patient for his inevitable feud with some big heel. I'm personally hoping he's the guy who takes out Show.
  4. Me too. He should be the guy that stops Show's "reign of terror" A.K.A. monster heel push in a match where he kicks out of the WMD and hits him with his finisher, beating him clean. :obama:
  5. even if he isn't in a feud it's time for him to start wrestling guys on the roster. He has zero credibility at this point, who besides Crayo gives a fuck about him squashing 150 lb guys you'll never see again in your life
  6. I agree, it's a good start.
  7. More and more people. He's getting more over each week. Why stop a working system when there's no credible midcard heels for him to squash? What's the difference between squashing locals than squashing Slater, Hawkins etc. Seriously, there's no midcard credible heels, so your point is illogical. He'll just be like Clay.
  8. The least credible guy on the roster is 100 X more credible than the guys he is beating. If you think that is illogical you are just dumb.
  9. So judging by your logic, fans will do this:

    "OMG what a loser he can only beat skinny local wrestlers wtf this guy sux boooo goldberg!"!11111"


    "OMG wow did you see that? He beat Slater, he so good, Slater is so strong and manly but Ryback owned him wooo Ryback yayyyy take my panties".

    No. The only reason they care about Ryback is because he's entertaining to watch in the ring. Regardless of who he squashes, they've had nothing to do with his success. It's the same as going up against any other jobber, in fact, it's probably better since those jobbers have jobbed to Clay already.
  10. Yup that's exactly what I said. Clearly you've outwitted me once again. Damn you Crayo with your making up things to beat me in arguments!

    I'm talking about credibility from a kayfabe standpoint. He has none. And I really don't care if people love the guy and think him squashing jobbers is cool. To me, it's fucking boring and the opposite of something that is worth my time to watch. A 3 minute match against Slater or Hawkins >>>>>>>>> a 1 minute squash match against 2 jerk offs who combined weigh is much as Ryback's left leg
  11. :true:
  12. I think Ryback can do good against Tensai, that's the only guy can see him fighting for now.

  13. I never implied you said it, that's what your logic predetermines though. From a kayfabe stand point, other wrestlers shouldn't be as threatened perhaps because he's owning unknowns, but why do you care about that?

    As for your second point, I understand why you don't like viewing him squash jobbers. Unfortunately - as a smark - you're in the minority. Casuals outnumber us by a country mile and he's getting over, so it's working. It's better than most of the idiots who squash people. He's a hell of a lot more entertaining to watch than Tensai or Clay squashing jobbers that's for sure.

    You can't be impatient though, who can Ryback go and feud with/squash that hasn't been squashed before? Tensai? That means we would have to have Tensai pushed down our throats more to make him seem "dominant" again and have Ryback destroy him. If there's nothing for Ryback to do, stick with a working system.
  14. You act like a jobber being beaten by one guy means he can't job to another. That's their function as jobbers. They job. The shelf live of a jobber isn't 1 job.

    As far as a feud, I've said before that I'd like to see him feuding with Swagger. I am far from this 'have him feud with tensai' crowd. I want Tensai to go away so i never have to see him again
  15. I don't know why they didn't keep him as Skip Sheffield. The whole robotic gimmick he's got going on now is so corny. I wanna hear some "yip yip yip what it do"s
  16. I know what a jobber is, I also know it serves no help getting over to casuals than unknown wrestlers jobbing does. Your point is you'd rather see him go over jobbers you know and are in WWE than jobbers who aren't, my point is, it makes no difference.

    Feuding with Swagger would just kill his cheers tbh. I Iike Swagger, but under Vickie with his current "never speak" gimmick, the crickets aren't even making noise.
  17. So first you say that people don't care who he's facing, it's just about how awesome he is blah blah blah but now if he stops squashing jobbers and starts putting on actual wrestling matches with Swagger it kills his momentum?

  18. Jinder Mahal beat down actual jobbers for weeks and it didn't do shit for him. Damien Sandow's beating up actual wrestlers now, and Ryback feels like a MUCH bigger deal than Sandow. While I hate the SSDD booking and the Vladimir Koslov memories as well, this is definitely working.
  19. Ugh, I have to explain everything, I forgot. Feuding with Swagger would have to be treated as a normal feud, not squashes, right? A normal feud with Ryback means no awesome dominating segments, which means the feud itself would need to be booked well to accommodate for that. Swagger is booked like a shit house, and him feuding with Ryback in his current state would be a cricket feud. If Swagger broke free of Vickie, won the US title, had mic segments like he did as WHC and then feuded with Ryback I'd be all for it.
  20. 99.9% of WWE's feuds are booked like shit. When I say I want them to feud obviously I don't mean I want to see a typical shit WWE feud. I didn't realize I had to qualify everything I said.

    My point was I could sit down for 10 minutes and draw up an outline for a good feud between the two, not that I would expect WWE to be able to do so. I guess since WWE can't book feuds Ryback should just stay squashing jobbers for the rest of forever to prevent him from entering the death trap that is a WWE feud?
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