Anyone else noticed that Cena does this?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Whenever he enters after a heel has cut a promo, he walks to the ring to the endless boo's and says "I know" as if he's agreeing with the crowd, as if the crowd are booing the heel, when in reality they're booing Cena OBVIOUSLY as he just turned up.

    He done it on this weeks RAW iirc. He arrives, gets boo'd like fuck, and says "I know I'm annoyed too" or something. He thinks we didn't notice :isee:
  2. To convince others, you must first convince yourself

    Now I'm done being existential and shit.
  3. When has Cena NOT done stuff like this.

    At this point, John Cena is trolling you... He is intentionally going out and 'PG'ing' it up because he probably hates it too

    Joking aside, its actually hilarious. At this point, trolling is all he has

    His Mrs, split, he can't pay bills so he trolls you people into thinking none of this bothers his at all

    John Cena could lose his house, his dog, and bust all his digits and he'd still rip out the same gimmick just to line his pockets and start all over again.... heroic
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  4. Cena can just do dat shit
  5. I doubt he's broke lol..... anyway I agree he's trolling, he really does seem to be like me or hate me so what. Guess he's used to it after being booed outta most building since 06.
  6. He probably was referring to himself. Like "I know you guys are tired of seeing me" :hmm:
  7. He was referencing them booing him as in, he knows they don't want to see him but he doesn't have a choice but to go out there.

    Also Cena is not broke. Net worth of $30m.
  8. Agreed. This is more about himself than the heel. :emoji_slight_smile:) And he's no broke. :emoji_grinning:
  9. No it wasn't, he does this every single heel promo. It wasn't one promo and I decided to watch this thread. Cena literally does this a lot, he turns the anger towards him because people are bored of him and pretends that he agrees that the heel is being bad bla bla bla. Clever though.
  10. lol He's actually the one who filed for divorce from his wife. And he is worth millions of dollars, so no, he's not broke.

    Anyway, I think (as others have said) it's just his way of saying how he already knows how much people hate him. But it'd be funnier if he was pretending that they were actually booing whoever else was in the ring. It reminds me of a professional debate I saw one time where a guy gave his closing statement and got treated to a big applause afterwards, and then when his opponent stood up to give his statement, the applause was still going so he said "I very much appreciate your applause for me, thank you", as if they were clapping for him.
  11. Just to clarify, I wasn't implying Cena is broke.

    I'm referencing to the fact that his old lady couldnt cut a check, prompting his roofers to go ape sh**

    Now that she's gone (I'm aware he filed, lol), WWE's social ambassador will have to do it for him online
  12. I've always noticed that, but never really cared. Just thought it was stupid and generic is all.
  13. All Cena does is kiss ass, constantly. This is just another way of that. He'll agree with whatever the fans say, but in his own "i did nothing wrong" way. He always says what he thinks the fans want to hear, even though he's obviously out of touch with most of the fans by now.

    ~Three Said That~
  14. I'm not sure actually. I do think he's in touch and knows exactly what the fans think of him, it's been too long for him not to understand that. I just think he doesn't care any more, it would be bullshit if he said he has never cared about being boo'd when he is the companies top face, but I'm sure he just doesn't care any more as he's built as the guy who gets a reaction wherever he goes, and booing him enforces that.
  15. I'd consider the source... if a bunch of mouth breathers were booing me, I couldn't care less

    On the other hand, if nothing but chicks were cheering me each night, I'd be delighted about it

    Putting things in perspective, 'sign guy' booing me means jack as goes for every other 15-35 year old tool who makes a tenth of the money I make
  16. But you gotta remember that the same tools are the reason why you make ten times the amount they do.

    Also, if that was your life passion, you'd feel some amount of hurt behind it. That's with anything you love. Like if you're an artist and people hate or boo your paintings or music or whatever. you'd be hurt.

    ~Three Said That~
  17. Master troll, noticed as well.

    That's Cena for you. All the bad happens to him, still professional while at work.

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