Anyone else play MW3 here?

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  1. Myself, Xanth, and Solidus play it a lot. So if you ever want to play, give us your GT's and use this thread to organise some games. Will be good to play with some members here. I'm only just getting into it again after being a CoD4 junkie and I really like it again.
  2. Search and Destroy all day.
  3. -.-

    Kill Confirmed all day.

  4. -.-

    Kill Confirmed all day, bitch.
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  5. I only have ~400 kills in KC, and I am higher ranked than you. How can you love it so much already?
    Learn to love SnD, real objective fun.
  6. ^ same to Xanth, you've both barely played KC.
  7. I play BO2, sorry guys
  8. It's just more fun. Quicker and less camping.

  9. Search and Destroy is shit, you die once and then you have to wait all that time to spawn again. In a game of that I end up with what? Maybe 1 kill? :sad:
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  10. Lol.
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  11. Play it and get better, winning a 1v6 for your team is awesome, and you actually have to think about your movement and tactics.
  12. Or I can get 30 kills on Kill Confirmed and not want to kill myself.
  13. Yeah, I'm never gonna do that on this game. I suck far too much. You need to get Skype back btw, my mic is so uncomfortable.
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  14. I can't Skype and play at the same time.
  15. You wanna play now btw?
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  16. Need to listen to the game.

    Not now. Cooking food, watch tv.
  17. Was it necessary to edit the quote? Really?

  18. Yes.
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  19. Cool then
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