Anyone else read what my homeboy Januzaj reportedly did?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. >18 years old
    >30,000 a week
    >takes girl out for a date
    >takes her to nandos
    >£18 meal
    >turns up wearing a tracksuit

    What a fucking hero.
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  2. Well he is only 18, couldn't expect him to stop being a kid just because he's the nature boy?
  3. 18 year old prodigy; future best player in the world.


    Bieber levels of swag.
  4. looks like a fag. where's he from? Spain? would explain it
  5. Belgium. Not appreciating this at all Dolph's.
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  6. I have no idea who he is...
  7. Say something nice about him and I'll push you up the card :please:
  8. your helping me entertain myself at work if its any consolation
  9. Perhaps you should entertain yourself in some grammar lessons.


    you deserve that, fgt.
  10. I can actually taste the mad.
  11. Ummmm I bet... uhhh... he's best for business?
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  12. I noticed the typo before I entered the message but I knew you would love to correct it so I let you have your money. love you bb
  13. goddamn phone

    moment, not money
  14. Brita would call this thread LQ bro.
  15. For a mid-table team he's not bad. However, Hazard is the future best player, no doubt.
  16. you signed up to say that?
  17. Ha, no. It was basically the latest thread to be bumped.
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  18. I see. Welcome to the forum then. I see you are Scottish, you pals with our good friend @Xanth ?
  19. Cheers, haha is he/she Scottish? Most people here are TNA fans funnily enough.

    (Btw, I joined this forum because I got banned from another one for "trolling" (I said DB marks are stupid because they don't know it's a work) and saw some of the posts here were 10x better than that other forum)
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