Anyone else ready to see the big boys do some damage?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by wwefan4life, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. as a longtime fan, I am bored with the constant 5 minute talking segments and weird AJ rants. Let's get some of the monsters fighting again!
  2. Nah. Matches between big guys like Show, Brodus, Tensai and Ryback are usually sleeping pills. Give me smaller guys like Bryan, Punk, Kidd, Dolph, Gabriel, Barrett and the rest who can put on stellar matches.
  3. I have seen Big Show put on some good matches in person, Mark Henry is tough too. Brodus pre funkasaurus gimmick! It's a lot more impressive to see the big guys! For that matter bring back Lesnar too!
  4. Big Show is too old now and his joints are taking to much damage, this isn't WCW when he could do a shooting star. Brodus doesn't work well with guys the same size as him. Henry is still out on injury but yes he is the best big man in WWE.

    Big Show's last truly good match was Royal Rumble 2012 and that was because Daniel Bryan pulled it out of him. Bryan can make anyone look good.
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  5. Who do you think can be the next Big Show since he is on his way out?
  6. I want Brodus. He works well with smaller guys and is over, plus he has charisma.
  7. Khali is always entertaining. :otunga:
  8. I liked the Brodus they hyped to us pre funkasaurus. He looked like a bad man!
  9. Funkasaurus Brodus has worked very well. It got Brodus over with a very large part of the crowd and allowed him to show off his charisma. What they need to do is introduce elements of the monster. Give him a serious edge which we have seen before
  10. Yea you are right, I liked the dancing stuff for a few weeks but now it's starting to make him look weak. They need to bring back the monster they promised us!
  11. No. WWE doesn't need another monster at the moment. It devalues the worth of the monster role. They have Big show, Brock, Tensai and Ryback right now. What they need to do is let Brodus be serious whilst still the funkasaurus.
  12. Tensai is kind of a joke. Ryback has a good entrance but last night thought he was going to pass out from all that huffin and puffin.
  13. Mark Henry vs Big Show wasn't that bad for a big guy match I must admit. Every other big guy is suckish and they're giving Brodus his own set of 5 moves of doom so me no like him no more :sad:
  14. You never see any of the big gys on the promos or facebook pages anymore. Only the pretty faces.
  15. Am I ready to see the big boys do some damage? Eh, not really.
    But if it gets AJ off TV I'm all for it.
  16. Not really interested.
  17. If i wanted to see fat fucks rolling around I'd either go to McDonalds and throw a burger on the ground and wait for the fatties swarm in, or i'd watch Sumo Wrasslin'
  18. Looks like Brodus Clay has lost some serious weight. And I wouldn't call Big Show fat.
  19. When the fuck did Show do a shooting star?
  20. No let's not. How bout less tag matches and more technical one on ones
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