Anyone else really impressed with Sandow?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. He was awesome last night in my opinion. He got a ton of heat too, for a gimmick where he talks about stuff none of the moron casuals understand that's quite good.
  2. I don't know how he was last night. :sad:

    But I love his gimmick, those derp casuals don't understand and that's why they boo. :dawg:
  3. I agree with the statement followed by our leader, this unique individual is elegant and superb, he brings true skill to the WWE, unlike those fools like Khali.
  4. Watch it when you're back man lol :emoji_slight_smile:. To summarise though, he was very involved in the match, every time he climbed the ladder they boo'd the shit out of him. Also, he had a segment in the pre-show I think it was where he mocked Ryder, Ryder had a serious side and it looks like they're actually feuding which is awesome.
  5. Very good, very good. :obama:
  6. I think he did great last night as well.
  7. i like his gimmick :obama:
  8. I was gonna make the exact same thread if my computer didn't randomly die. It's a shame for him that he was completely over shadowed by Ziggler, Kidd and Tensai who were all fantastic. He plays his gimmick perfectly and he's shown that he can wrestle as well as being a very good talker.

    To be fair, the only person who failed to impress was Sin Botcha who just about broke Mr MitB's neck.
  9. What did Sin Cara do? :silva:

    By the way, calling him "Sin Botch" is a bit inaccurate. That would stand for "botchless".

  10. :isee:
  11. Lmao you legend.

    Also, he went for a high profile superplex on Dolph and it was completely botched. Dolph nearly broke his neck I swear. But Dolph just can't get injured.
  12. Yea, I like Sandow.

    Also Agree with Ry. Fuck Botch Cara
  13. Damn I just got pipe bombed :emoji_slight_frown:

    I'll just go with botch Cara in future ^
  14. I occasionally have gay dreams about him :true:
  15. Yeah, I like his gimmick too, very interesting persona, and not a bad wrestler also:win:
  16. Seems brutal. The guy took that and this Tensai bump on the chair on the same match and wasn't injured? Had to be Ziggler.

    That'll make more sense. You're welcome. [​IMG]

    Just kidding. :dawg:
  17. He also took an amazing spot from Tyson Kidd. Kidd was balancing on the middle of the ropes holding a ladder, he jumped off still holding the ladder to swing and grabbed Dolph who was on the middle of the other ladder, and sort of flipped him over his head slamming Dolph on the floor pretty hard. Was so awesome.

    If we got to see Dolph in matches with Bryan and Punk that'd be amazing, I'd love to see how he fairs in a PPV match. Why? Because we call him the best seller/bumper in the world but not the best technical wrestler, I want to see how far off he is. Because it can't be far.
  18. Seems awesome. I'd also love to see stuff like Punk vs Bryan vs Ziggler, of course, that would be awesome.
  19. He has some good moves, but I want to see him in a longer 1 on 1 match, to have a better look at him.
  20. ^

    He did impress at MITB, finally, but I've always felt they were keeping his matches short to protect him, like giving him a longer match wouldn't end well. Similar to Orton's two-line babyface promos.

    Maybe you FCW fans can tell us if there's any substance behind Sandow's style.
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