Anyone else sick of the Wyatts?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. I may be alone on this but I am so bored with them. They were interesting/great the first year but as of the last few months.... YAAAWWWWNNN! Zzzzz I mean I feel like WWE genuinely doesn't have any idea what they want to do with them. Here is a thought... Have that Braun guy turn on Wyatt and let it end the group.
  2. They just don't have anyone interesting to face. The Shield, Cena, Lesnar, Taker, they faced every major opposition. Now they're just floating about. Turn them face to battle The Authority, that's the only option left that can make them appealing again. Or they take on the Bullet Club, but that'll still take a while. Gotta wait for them to get called up and seem like a threat before giving The Wyatts reason to attack them.
  3. The Wyatts are one of the few reasons i'll watch WWE. Harper should not be losing like he does, but Rowan is okay at best and Brawn is green as hell and will not ever be putting on even decent matches. That being said, WWE is misusing them terribly, but they have the right combination. I say Bray goes for gold after WM because people need to bow, and he will dethrone the king (H wins, it's what I want ETA at WM sorry)

    They could and should be over as hell and winning week in and out vs groups like the social fucking outcasts, not getting jobbed out to kane (he sucks solid, he needs to close those doors) because of some shitty interview. It's stuff like that, and mostly how the WWE books Wyatt family that kills my interest in the whole product. Bray Wyatt is a big man who looks normal sized with his crew. It's not about titles or personal shit, the idea should be that everyone needs to be on their toes for when The Wyatt Family picks their #.
  4. Nah, I'm sick of their booking. They talk a big game, but they pretty much always lose.

    As for the members themselves, Harper's my favorite, followed by Bray and then Rowan. Strowman can suck it.

    They're (well, Bray is) very likely going to face Lesnar at WM and that's the most interesting guy (it's been quite some time) he'll be facing.

    And even though it's a no-win situation for Wyatt, it's something I look forward to.
  5. Loves Ryan Braun, spells Brawn instead of Braun Strowman. #AidsLogic

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  6. Loves? Knows. Hates, wishes he could trade him anywhere that would eat even half his contract. Still my bad lol.
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  7. I would like to see them in more feuds. It seems like they have to all be in the same feud together. For example Braun Strowman is feuding with Big Show. Why can't Harper and Rowan feud in the tag team division at the same time? And then have Bray chasing the US or IC title. They don't have to split up if they spread out
  8. It is crazy how you can take such a cool gimmick and make it feel so bleh with just ~-2-3 years of WWE booking
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  9. No one is truly "sick" of the wyatts. We're sick of the booking. The wyatts have so much potential, yet they're booked to ultimately lose no matter what.

    They need to have more credibility, like the ministry of darkness had back in the day. Bray should already be a former world champion. Harper should be feuding with guys like AJ styles and Jericho, occasionally winning the IC title. Strowman should be the muscle that helps each one of them ultimately win at times. He never needs a title. Rowan can basically suck a dick and help them win when they need it as well. Hell, him and Harper can win the tag titles a few times.

    The point is that no matter what the wyatts do, they're ultimately made into a joke. And sometimes that's fine, but they never have any big, monumental wins, which helps with their credibility. Fans, believe it or not, pay attention to that shit over time. Bray lost at mania 30 and 31 in big matches that he could've easily won and should've won if you ask me... But guys like cena and taker still need pushes somehow? Makes no sense. Those are just some examples.

    I'm not sick of the wyatts. I'm sick of the lousy approach WWE is taking with this great team. Bray has so much potential and they've fucked him up.
  10. Have been for months.
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  11. Bray Wyatt for Gift of the Gods Champion
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  12. Seriously I coulda swore I replied to this before...

    On a long bus ride one day, I just kinda passed the time thinking about who to cut and who to release, and I found it SO much easier to say "fire Bray" than "fire Bo Dallas" and was gobsmacked. How did we reach this point? Is he really that far beyond repair?... probably not, lol. Isn't Wyatt the easiest guy on the roster to fix? We talk about how Reigns is actually awesome but we hate his current role and all that, Bray is SO CLOSE to being the best thing ever but...

    Think there's 3 main things they need to do:

    #1: Have him actually win a feud. (Sorry Ryback, you don't count). The entire story of Bray is "Attack person! Give nonsense reason why! Get beaten up! Job! Repeat!" Dude's become a total self-parody. I'm not sure which top guy you'd put him over (without the help of singing children), but one of them has to lose to the Eater of Worlds for crying out loud.

    #2: Give us a reason to listen to his promos. Whether it's having actual cryptic messages in his shit that'll be fun to figure out for us online forum-types to just turning him babyface and letting him transition his usual spiel into rah-rah lets get 'em-ness (think he had a few amazing face promos at the end of his NXT run, think I'll find them), anything that makes these things less of a waste of time is A-OK with me!

    #3: Stop being WWE and do something interesting. Part of the reason Crayo and I were so hyped were just imagining the possibilities with this gimmick, there's almost countless things you can do with a character this unique in the current WWE... so we get "Harper and Rowan vs the Usos" on repeat for six weeks straight.
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  13. @Snowman nailed it and @Aids Johnson are you literate? Why did you what my post, it reads very coherently.
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  14. YouTube

    The NXT crowd helps but still much better.
    Hell every performer is better when they actually have things to say though

    Tell me here on mobile the link didn't translate wrong. Dammit
  15. I've been sick of them for a while now. I usually don't bother paying attention Bray's promos because pretty much everything he says doesn't end up meaning anything. It also seems like he loses just about every big singles match.

    Having them beat up Big Show does not help me care about them at all. Neither does putting them in a match against a team of Big Show, Ryback and Kane.
  16. He says the same things over and over again because he and his group have no one to really interact with anymore. They been through all the main wrestlers other than Brock which is likely what they are doing this year for WM.
  17. lol that's hilarious, your Favorite Demon is half or more of their shit booking problems over the past year and a half.
    my desktop moves at 56k max (but laptop runs beast...) and I didn't mean to hit what. It took me like 15 minutes to try to shit on Solid for his boy Kane, decided to just come back to it in the AM on my laptop.
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  18. Hey don't blame Kane. It isn't his fault he has been part of some crappy storylines either.

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  19. He deserves the please retire chants as much as show if not more. DEMON KANE! and his constant turns are awful. His shit with taker vs Wyatts really kicked out the run they had.
  20. All the stupid comedy skits I am sure were not his idea. He has been through some crap but he has always been a good wrestler and performer for his size. Comparing in ring skills, he is WAY better than Big Show, even in his older age. I think a lot of wrestlers should retire including Kane but not because he is awful or boring in the ring... They just have nothing going for his character anymore.
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