Spoiler Anyone else sort of predict it?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. When HHH came out with his new theme? The king of kings theme with lines like "bow down to the king" made me think "Hmm, slightly egotistical for a face. Something is up", but I completely dismissed that theory during the match, and especially after the match, so I was as shocked as anyone. So no, this isn't a Lockard prediction, but were you shocked he came out to that theme at Summerslam and not on RAW?
  2. The moment king of kings hit I had an inkling.
  3. His involvement with the match was already suspicious, so the thought did cross my mind.
  4. It wasn't so much the theme just his appearance that had me wondering, but I completely dismissed the idea tbh. After his fued with Punk in '11 where he didn't turn, I sort of figured that it wasn't going to happen any time soon. So yeah, tonight completely stunned me :yes:
  5. HHH just being in the match immediately got my suspicions going plenty enough. Coming out to "Bow Down To The King", which lyrically can even be interpreted as bow down to the evil authority figure character that is coming up, only strengthened them. But I really thought it would probably just be a clean finish and that would be that. Reports of them using this match to jump start the McMahon family drama in a way that would lead to WMXXX should have made it more obvious though once the match ended without any kind of outside interference from Vince or the like.
  6. What spoiled it for me a little bit was the fact that i watched it this morning not live so after the ME ended there was like 7 minutes remaining to the video so i knew something would eventually happen. :okay:
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  7. For once I didn't look at spoilers, and when I heard that theme I knew straight away what happened. The lyrics bow down to the king are way to egotistical to be a face. Was still a surprise seeing how he was during the match though.
  8. The Triple H Heel turn? Not at all.

    As for the theme, this is one of those times (actually, the only time) where WWE's annoying egotistical dickwagonry worked in their favor. They had the Miz out there + the video packages trying way too hard to be "hip, cool, and happening" with all this stuff about hollywood, supporting the troops, and the whole thing with that dude sitting at ringside with his free tickets that they kept showing... It was annoying (but didn't hurt the show) so when HHH came out with the King of Kings song, just thought ":lol1: What better to do to continue this WWEgo trip than to bring out the ultimate egomaniac!"

    So thanks to my own personal issues, the swerve was saved! :win: Anger problems for the win!

    He's used that theme before though.
  9. From my other post

  10. I thought he should of came out to King of kings a while back, with him as the COO It always would of suited him
  11. Not the theme, but the fact he hung in there way too long after the match was over gave it up.
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