Anyone else take a shower after you take a dump?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. I mean, anything less just seems barbaric. You just had SHIT touching part of your BODY. Gross. What more cause for a shower could there be.... at the VERY LEAST you have to use baby wipes. I can't believe some people pinch off a big swirly brown dragon and think TOILET PAPER is going to GET THEIR BUTT HOLE CLEAN. It is comically misguided and they must have smelly butt holes.

    So seriously, guys, don't be scumbags. basic personal hygiene.
  2. I use baby wipes every time. I don't like feeling dirty. What is strange is most people think I am weird for using baby wipes. Glad to see I am not the only one who is anal (lol) about personal hygiene.
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  5. After I fap, yes. Not dump. Shit usually slides clean out. I got a system.
  6. I use wipes to wipe up my feces. However, if the blast radius is too large and I'm near a shower, I'll hop in and to make sure ground zero is all neat and tidy again.
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  7. I actually do a practice that's similar to this. In between wiping and washing my hands, I wet my fingers and then stick them straight up my butt hole and scrap around until my anus and my entire ass is completely cleansed of any remaining fecal matter. Then I wash my hands really well.

    I always wondered if I was the only one who did anything similar to this. Guess I can scratch that mystery off the list.
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  8. Always assumed you used it as gel after.
    You are.
    Bounty Man scoffs at you.

    Am I the only one who realizes the idea of washing up above your wrists after wiping well?

    What is next, a douche for men to keep the area clean before it? TGMI is gonna go wild here.
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  9. Yeah, do the same thing. Lol
  10. You and your metrosexual tendencies.
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  11. you and your smelly asshole
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  12. I'm all for going the extra mile with hygiene and all, but it's not really that unnatural for an asshole to be 'smelly' considering what is meant to pass through there at various times throughout the week. And it's not like anyone can get a good scent of what your anus is like anyway unless their noses are pressed right up against it. Just saying.
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  13. Proof is in the pudding lad.
  14. don't try to excuse these cavemen
  15. My shit don't stain yo.
  16. Nothing is worse in this case than just getting out of the shower and having to take a shit.
  17. Too much work.
  18. The 2-4am shit wake up call is a pretty close second
  19. Unless I have to take a shit at work I always take a shower afterwards. Don't feel clean until I do.

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  20. idk I sort of like middle of the night shits

    they rank up there with morning shits, post dinner shits, work shits..

    aw hell, they are all mint
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