Anyone else think Brock was going to feud with The Shield?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. They had the perfect opportunity to book this feud last night, because it appeared as if Brock came back as a face. He took out the heels 3MB and was reacting to the huge pops he was getting. Imagine how good it would have been if Shield - who owned 3MB on SmackDown - came out and beat the shit out of Brock to set up that feud? It would FINALLY be a feud where past can put over present.

    But then we got the news of Brock/HHH part 3...

    Would you guys have liked to see Shield/Brock?
  2. A handicap match with no DQ at Extreme Rules would be dope imo, but it won't happen at least that night
  3. I prefer Brock as a heel to be honest, but as a fued I would absolutely LOVE Brock and Punk to team up as faces against The Shield. Sadly they'd dilute both guys so much as faces :sad:
  4. Brock Lesnar's best work comes when he is a heel.

    Seen his matches and segments as a face in 2003-2004. He had some boring segments and was plain boring as a face.
  5. The annoying this is it would have made sense too, Brock returned to stop Vince firing Paul after it was revealed he paid them off. You could have easily run it as Brock wants to fuck them up as a consequence of that, my guess is we're seeing more of the "I'll do what the fuck I want Brock" leading into a summer feud with Punk after Heyman choose him over Brock. Then it's the cunning sadistic heel vs the genetic freak, the classic brains vs brawn but with the twist of the brains being a fucking douche.
  6. So it's like Joker vs Hulk?
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  7. I suppose so only Punk is less psychotic and more sinister. Joker would fire a toy gun at you then laugh at your fear Punk would just shoot you then laugh while juggling your ashes.
  8. Well there was a Joker who did shoot at someone and laughed at them as they died.....but either way, it does sound like an interesting feud. Punk would get into Brock's head a lot.
  9. Brock turning face by whooping 3MB? lol
  10. You might as well say that 3MB were teasing a face turn by calling out The Shield, or vice versa when the Shield attacked 3MB on Smackdown last week.

    3MB might be heels, but no one takes them seriously either. They're playful and entertaining in their own way. Lesnar attacking them is like a larger animal just eating and devouring another in the jungle. (Think of a lion ripping apart three hyenas or something.)

    Lensar and The Shield in a feud... If Lesnar was a face, it would be awesome but I like him better as a heel. And between him and Punk, he should be the heel.
  11. How did del rio turned?
  12. Beats HHH/Brock AGAIN.
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