Anyone else *THINK Cena should?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone else think John Cena should just take like a month off and heal up? I mean he works his butt of for the company and I don't think he should be doing anything right now but focusing on healing his arm up. He shouldn't even fight Punk, which I am hoping they make the decision for Punk to fight Ryback instead. Ryback is over right now and a loss from Punk will knock him down a peg. Ol' pink eyes mo fo. lol
  2. Anyone else thing Cena should?

    John Cena needs to take a break from WWE yes, he works his ass of 24/7 for the company no-one can dispute that. I think It will be John Cena Vs. Ryback Vs. Punk, with Ryback and Punk doing the majority of the work. I do also believe that Punk will pin Cena for the win.
  3. RE: Anyone else thing Cena should?

    You're probably right. :pity:
  4. Anyone else thing Cena should?

    They can't afford him to be off any more.
    Also, he is currently recovering :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  5. Anyone else thing Cena should?

    Definitely needs time off, but you also need to change "thing" to "think" in the title :pity:.
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  6. RE: Anyone else thing Cena should?

    Thank you for saying something before I did. :smug:
  7. Anyone else thing Cena should?

    He is basically getting time off right now. He isn't wrestling, and it's not like cutting corny promos is hindering his recovery.
  8. RE: Anyone else thing Cena should?

    Well yeah but still. He should just stay at home for a few weeks. Not traveling and stuff... But I guess the wwe can't take that hit.
  9. RE: Anyone else thing Cena should?

    :finger: lol
  10. Travelling doesn't affect recovery. You can't just become a couch potato for x amount of weeks.
  11. RE: Anyone else thing Cena should?

    Travelling + a shit ton of media = not recovering.
  12. I believe he should take some time off, yes. It's not like I (for one) am going to miss him or anything, but it seems like WWE's roster is way to thin for them to afford such thing.
  13. Like Dolph's said, the segments and stuff are his time off.

    He needs to be taken off TV for a good 2 or 3 month's, heal up, and make a fresh and good return when being at 100%

    I also really could see Punk vs Ryback working out. The storyline is done so well, I can't wait for HIAC.
  14. WWE will see this injury as a problem and panic because their top star is down. I'd see it more as an opportunity to see who can up their game in his absence. IMO Kofi should be in Ryback's spot.

    As far as Cena he should take a break. He wants to be healed up and then go in to hell in a cell as his return match. That's pretty damn dumb
  15. he needs time off

    but cena is the one of the money makers in the WWE
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