Anyone else think Ronaldo should definitely win Ballon D'or this year?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. I hate the fact it's been so long since his last win considering he has a fucking incomprehensible goal scoring record for a much worse Real Madrid (than Barcelona anyway). That and the fact he carries a really poor Portuguese side to glory (u mad Zlatan?). If he doesn't get it this year then I will rage and shout the words conspiracy everywhere. Why the fuck is Ribery even in contention as well? I get it, he plays and is the star of a treble winning team, but he's not even close to being in the same league as Ronaldo or Messi. I hate how overrated Ribery really is.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree. This year is the year for Ronaldo to win.
    Ribery isn't overrated, it's just that Ronaldo and Messi are leagues above him and in contrast he's not as good. RIbery is definitely in the top 10 best players, maybe top 5.
  3. You kinda contradict yourself. Before Portugal's win over Sweden, Ribery was the favourite to win the Ballon D'or ahead of Ronaldo & Messi. Ribery is amazing yes, but he shouldn't be ahead of those two for the award that effectively announces the best player in the world currently. As you said, they're leagues above him, so the fact he's in contention - despite Bayern's achievements as a team - is silly in my opinion.
  4. Definitely. Ronaldo is the GOAT, he really deserves it for all the hard work he puts in.
  5. To be fair, Ronaldo didn't exactly have the best season he could have, so you can pretty much see why people are doubting his current abilities. He can surely turn this around, but with such a shaky past it's not looking good, especially when he's up against the people he is.
    Also, not sure how you think Riberi is overrated. I'd class him as one of the most underrated players in the league right now, such a good player but really unrecognised.
  6. shup
    sry dnt mean to shout
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  8. i think ronaldo won the battle this year but i wouldn't be surpised if he didn't win knowing fifa if messi won it would be like when cena won wrestler of the year on raw messi hasn't had a great year this year
  9. He won something much more important a long time ago;

    my heart.
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  10. Says a lot about Messi that his like 50+ goal a season isn't a good year lol. But yeah I agree, it won't be Messi though. If anyone is going to steal it it'll be Ribery based on his clubs achievements. Ludicrous if that happens.
  11. I know lol if it was anyone else we'd be saying they had a brilliant season but coz its messi its been a poor season for him
  12. Ronaldo have been the best player of 2013 no doubt. But the problem is that it's not FIFA that decide who the winner is, it's a voting procedure and some people might tend to vote against Ronaldo because they don't like his attitude or whatever. So I would not be sure that Ronaldo gets the Ballon d' or but he has absolutely been the best player of 2013. Messi have been injured a lot, as good Ribery is and how good he have been in the Bundesliga and Champions League but he have still not been as good as Ronaldo.

    My top 5.
    1. Ronaldo
    2. Messi (just because)
    3. Ribery
    4. Ibra (Crayo will mock me for this)
    5. Iniesta (Great in the spanish national team)
  13. Yes, I think Ronaldo should win...



    But in all seriousness, yeah I think not fat Ronaldo should win it. I'm thinking it'll be close though.
  14. Ronaldo should win. Ribery + Messi goals= CR7 goals this year. Even if Battler doesnt like him
  15. CR7 or fuck you Fifa, Uefa or whomever (Uefalona).
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  16. Victor Valdes Ballon D'Or or we riot
  17. Ronaldo should defintely win this year's Ballon d'Or, but Messi's still a better player by some distance.
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