Royal Rumble Anyone else think the RR card is a little heavy on tag team matches?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Jan 23, 2015.

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    I was just going over the card and it's the triple threat for the WWE title, 3 tag team matches (one with Divas), and one 6 man tag match besides the Rumble itself. I suppose if everyone is in the Rumble why have any singles matches though, eh? I just thought it was a lot of tag matches and wondered if anyone felt the same.
  2. it makes sense considering the rumble taking place on the same show. Why exhaust yourself with a singles match when you can do a tag match and save yourself at least a bit.
  3. But are those in the tag matches going to be in the rumble (besides the Divas of course)? The only names I see repeated on the list provided is Miz and Mizdow (which sucks cause I wanted to see Cesaro in the Rumble). Of course there is still 11 names not listed but I'm sure plenty of those are going to be returning legends or whatever.
  4. It's the rumble. And WWE tends to give as many guys as possible a PPV pay day when possible.

    Plus historically speaking more times than not people that have competed earlier in the night have entered the rumble.
  5. Too freakin' heavy, but it's kinda reasonable.

    I'll definitely watch the pre-show 6-man elimination tag match live, so I can thoroughly enjoy the Triple-Threat for the WWE-WHC and the RR match the next day.
    I'll gladly skip the divas tag match, and I guess I'll be just skimming through The Miz/Mizdow vs The Usos, as well as The Ascension vs The New Age Outlaws.
  6. What's with people and hating the midcard now a days? They're entertaining and both Ascension vs Outlaws and the tag titles match will be fun matches
  7. I don't hate the midcard, just seemed like alot of tag matches to me. But I suppose it's understandable.
  8. I didn't mean you either.

    It just seems to be an overall opinion spread among the internet fans that the midcard isn't worth watching, or the matches are just shit and uninteresting. As if the midcard has to be big deal matches.
  9. I don't hate the midcard, either.

    I'm just bored of this current RR tag team card, because The Miz/Mizdow vs The Usos has already been done to death on both RAW and SD. This'll just be a repeat of their previous matches.

    The Ascension vs The NAO will be a tad bit short match, I presume. But, will sort of get 'em ready and put 'em over, so that's alright, I guess.
  10. Know what other two tag teams spent over a year facing each other on every single show in some constellation?
    E&C and the Hardys.

    The reason the Usos and the Mizdow duo are facing each other alot is to set up what is coming next. The WWE want the fans to develop a strong relation with Mizdow so that once he breaks off with the Miz and goes into a feud, it will carry weight and momentum.

    Then again I'm not one to complain. All four men are good wrestlers and entertaining to watch. It's a well built and well booked feud that will blow up at the rumble and lead into something new, Sandow feuding with the Miz and the Usos heading off with momentum to face their next opponents. Most likely the Ascension.
  11. IMO the E&C/Hardys feuds were >>>>>>>>>>>>> Usos/miz-mizdow feud. That could have to do with the time the feuds took place though. But I see your point.

    I figured you meant me since, you know, my thread and all. My mistake.

    EDIT: The Dudleys were in that E&C/Hardys mix too though weren't they?
  12. Nah, I get the story behind this. Mizdow turning to Sandow and going over Miz at Mania. It's so obvious and it's been a long time coming.

    The Usos losing the titles to The Ascension, I get all of that, really. I'm just not really thrilled to see the tag team title match, even though all four guys are extremely talented. It's just been done to death and they really haven't done anything to spice it up to keep me interested in it, that's all.
  13. Another factor on the E&C/Hardy's program is also rose tinted glasses. As much good as there was in the AE, there was also bad. Not saying that the feud was bad, but time makes memories fonder and all that. In ten years or so who's to say we aren't going to be looking back fondly on the Mizdow program?

    The dudleys were added in once they debuted yes. But E&C and the Hardys had been wrestling each other in undercard matches for almost a year before that.

    Also @C.M. Bryan, had it only been matches between the Miz team and the usos with no pay off I'd be there with you saying it is too much. But there's some obvious pay off to all this. So I personally am okay with them doing all the matches leading into it. How else do you build a program?
  14. I don't hate them doing this particular program, since it's for the 'greater good'. I mean, they should've kinda mixed it up during the build-up, instead of having Miz/Mizdow versus Usos each week and the 'Don't try to screw my wife, Miz', which just killed it for me.
  15. I feel like that whole 'Don't try to screw my wife, Miz' angle just got dropped. Like they were building towards something, then decided against it or something.
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  16. Yeah, because it was stupid to do it in the first place.
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  17. Why was it?
    I thought it was going to be a fun angle. Plus it fits into Miz's sneaky weasel character to mess with his opponents by messing with their outside lives
  18. When they just dropped it I thought it was going to turn into a face/heel turn for someone. Then it just faded away. I wonder if it will come back up at the RR?
  19. I think they realized that they were weak on the face side of the divas and decided to keep Naomi face. But it still payed off IMO since it added some heat to the feud between the Miz's and the Usos.
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  20. I hope they give her the belt finally
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