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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Ironman666, May 22, 2012.

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  1. That there are too many uncanny similarities between Dolph Ziggler and Billy Gunn?

    He looks almost alike,and his entrance and ring demeanour are very similar,I think Zigglers character was possibly modelled on Billy Gunn,anyone agree ?
  2. [​IMG]


  3. I've just done a search on wiki on both wrestlers profiles and neither mention a father/son connection,in fact Billy Gunns real name is Monty Sopp........and Zigglers name is Nick Nemeth,so I don't think that's correct unless he's his love child,he is however a dead ringer for Gunn.
  4. Dolph is an illegitimate child conceived in the early 80's between Billy Gunn and Linda McMahon. When Vince found out he didn't want anyone to discover this so the baby was adopted my Mr and Mrs Nemeth. When Nick was 18 he was told about his biological parents and decided that he wanted to include them in his life, which is when he got interested in wrestling.
  5. Troll lmao ^

    They definitely look alike but I actually relate Dolph Zigglers ring style more towards Shawn Michaels than Billy.
  6. Thanks for you reply Crayo,the child above must've wrote his reply in his school break.
  7. Billy Gunn is not Figger son!

  8. I'm still annoyed with Billy for what he done to that tough enough competitor.
  9. What did he do Crayo?
  10. I'm trying to find the video but I can't. He was incredibly rough with one of them in the ring, like properly kicking him in the face and stuff. The guy was like in tears during the fight but held it together to finish. After it he was incredibly shaken up on the side rope and afterwards like in the meetings they have he was in tears. It was just a shock really.
  11. That wasn't Billy Gunn. That was Bob Holly destroying Matt Capotelli
  12. I thought I might have got them mixed up. I suck with names.

    Thanks though.
  13. They look similar but that's about it. Dolph >>> Billy Gunn in every way imaginable, and I liked Billy Gunn.

  15. Screw you Crayo, for mixing Hardcord Holli with Mr. Ass. I'll put my Billy Gunn avatar back up soon.


    But they do look alike, but not in the ring. As stated earlier, Ziggler is more of and HBK, awesome selling, good worker and can make anyone look good.
  16. What a complete douche
  17. They look alike indeed. But they're not that similar in the ring.
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