Anyone else want job/squash matches back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. When I was younger, like in the 90's... They had jobber matches. It was just low grade wrestlers fighting each other or fighting a champion or someone they want to build up. This in turn made it a bigger deal when two champions fought. It seems like they will throw any champs together in a match and have one of them lose like its nothing on Raw. I think this takes away from the titles.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Think it sucks, a bad idea...
  3. Um... they're useful when debuting a guy or when he's working his first TV matches, but jobber matches are really boring. So... no. I understand that it's fresher than to have the same guys wrestling each other 6 times in 3 weeks, but you know, they suck.
  4. We seem to get them all the time now, except we get mid-carders instead of jobbers.
    Would be cool to see that so the Zigglers of the world could actually pick up a few wins, except nobody seems to benefit from it in this day in age. Wrestling fans have changed in a post-AE world.
  5. Ryback ate 'em all.
  6. We still get them. Dolph Ziggler regularly wrestles on Raw. :haha:

    Anyway, that was the norm in Hogan's day and some (Lance Storm wrote a good article on this) say it was actually a better vehicle for getting everybody on the roster over. Because the mid-carder would give a promo getting himself over, and then go out and squash a no-name who usually got no offense in and the actual guy they wanted to make a star out of got to showcase all his moves and mannerisms and get everything about his gimmick and himself over. Always picking up wins made him look quite dominant, too. Made actual star vs star matches seem more special.

    But you could never bring it back in this day and age. People are too used to star-studded matches. The closet you can get is to use them to get demolished for a debuting wrestler, like Brock Lesnar destroying people (often refusing to pin them and the referee would have to stop the match out of concern for their safety) or Chris Masters man-handling them with the Masterlock (awesome finisher) or Ryback shell-shocking them, often two or three guys at a time.
  7. Valid points :obama:
  8. Bring back Barry Horowitz
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  9. :yes:

  10. Stan Stansky WWE Champion!
  11. This is the greatest idea ever.
  12. You mean, Ryback matches aren't already like this?
  13. :no: unless its the Brooklyn Brawler :pipebomb: !
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