Anyone enjoy Miz at all during his reign?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 31, 2013.

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  1. I'm definitely in the minority who actually enjoyed his title reign, he had some great segments which showcased how good he was on the mic.

    That being one of them. He out shined Rock/Cena in one too in my opinion, and was just entertaining to watch. I know I'll get shat on for that, but did anyone else enjoy it?
  2. From a match perspective no but from the promos he was quite entertaining.I enjoyed him dressing up as The Rock. His gimmick was kind of fresh then but its so stale now. Still he did not deserve the title yet alone the length of his run.
  3. Of course man, that feud with Lawler follow by his Wrestlemania main event was the GOAT moments of all time. Much better then Mr. Perfect's IC title reign.
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  4. I wasn't watching when this was going on. THANK GOD! (inb4 Brit)
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  5. I loved Miz's title reign, probably because Miz was my favorite before he got it. His promos were crazy good.
  6. His mic work was gold at times, matches were meh but not as bad as some make out. His TLC with Lawler was decent as were his matches with Orton bar the clusterfuck end in the tables match plus the FCA with Jomo. The biggest issue I had was the booking up to and including his feud with Cena, they made him too contrasting making everyone look shit.

    Miz went from a loudmouth who wasn't able to beat a 30 year (probably more) vet in Lawler which kind of fit his look I suppose, he was the guy who should get his ass whooped every week but slimed away. Then he went on to dominate the most dominant force the company has seen in the past 10 years in Cena just to fit the John Cena arc.

    Miz - Looks like shit as he couldn't beat Lawler but suddenly can top Cena like he hasn't prepared for the Lawler matches.
    Cena - Get's whooped repeatedly by a guy who couldn't even beat a 90 year old peado.
    WWE - Has been dominated by Cena who can't beat the guy who can't beat the old man.

    How to fix it is simple, if you want Miz as the fluke champion have Cena dominate him every week before losing the big Mania match via Rockbottom or have him dominate Lawler as the arrogant shit and make us doubt Lawler has it any more then win clean against Cena, Rock can get his shit in after if needs must.
  7. I've never enjoyed him. Everything seems SO forced.
  8. Enjoyed his title reign. It was a lot of fun seeing a new main eventer who felt like he belonged there.

    Don't think his ring-work was as bad as people say, but as Seabs said the booking was a big mess. He needed a credibility-building big win instead of being the paper champion that can't beat shit. Lets please take that booking out behind the barn. But on the positive side he was such a heat magnet that he's a huge reason Alex Riley's still over to this date, and isn't that what matters?
  9. NO! That is all.
  10. It was a nice reign, he worked well in promos and the matches were decent mostly.
  11. This. I also loved A-Ry as well. His promos were funny.
  12. Suddenly everyone's a Miz fan :mad1:
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  13. No one likes face Miz.
  14. Oh man, I am so angry at this comment, grrrrrr, anger, malice, frustration. My blood is boiling, this is bold shit!

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  15. Miz's time as US Champ/Mr. Money in the Bank >> His WWE Title run
  16. I thought his build up leading to the WWE Title was very entertaining, though his reign as the champ was fairly boring to me. But that's mostly because I wasn't interested in any of the programs he was put in other than that brief one with Morrison (and even then that's mostly because I'm a massive jomo mark).

    Match-wise, not the best. Promo wise, pretty good. I don't particularly remember any of his promo's from when he was the WWE Champion, but this one below when he was the US Champion was very rememberable.

  17. I actually loved The Miz's title run and as you guys already know I'm a 'The Miz' fan, so it'll be very much biased. I personally enjoyed it and marked out so much when he cashed in his MITB briefcase, amazing stuff.
  18. I enjoyed it. He certainly lived up to it and match quality was more than passable. Promo-wise, he did some of his best stuff during his WWE Championship reign, so can't complain.
  19. Funny how WWE pushes guys up and then randomly drops them to mediocrity via bad decisions or simply dropping the ball.
  20. It's because Miz did so many things wrong, man. You know that!
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