Anyone excited for Shelton Benjamin?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by LoneStar305, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. I saw the other day he inked a deal with WWE and is injury free now. Id love to see him fued with AJ Styles eventually. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah! I'm pretty excited.

    Look at this Smackdown midcard. AJ Styles. Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens. Shelton Benjamin. Tye Dillenger. Chad Gable. Luke Harper. Rusev. Dolph Ziggler. Shinsuke Nakamura.

    That's an insane collection of talent. If Smackdown had Raw's main event scene they'd have their best roster in years.
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    This is what I've been waiting on! The guy is super athletic, I just don't want them to do him how they have with Apollo Crews. WHY WWE?? WHY??
  4. only wish he could have been back for the money in the bank match to do something crazy. Looking forward to him being back regardless though, great performer
  5. I'm excited but worried on what the Creative Team have set up for him.
  6. It will be a great add to the SmackDown Live roster with the other talents, not too sure if they will do well with him though, but I'm hoping he doesn't become another waste of talent.
  7. I will laugh SO LOUD if they team Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable up
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  8. Never thought about that possibility... *Cringe*
  9. Never thought about that possibility... *Cringe*
  10. Never thought about that possibility... *Cringe*
  11. Yes, he'd be a great fit in the SmackDown midcard. They've got some good talent.