Anyone Famous?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone famous ever tweeted back to you, retweeted you, or followed you on Twitter?

    I had Chris (Y2J) answer one of my questions and Domino follows me. I had Josh Cribbs reply to me as well. A few Browns players have followed me, I am not sure if they still do. I don't check. lol
  2. Browns players aren't celebrities, unless they are on your O-line. (Former badger son!)

    Y2j hitting you up is awesome. I am a celebrity in my own mind, so anyone who talks to me and gets a response is pretty lucky. I also know have met a few Brewers, and that made more than just my week/month.
  3. I have loads of 'verified' people follow me on Twitter.
  4. Do you have Twitter aids?
  5. Well anyone on the Browns is a local "celebrity". lol

    I don't really think of people who are famous as celebrities or stars. They are just the popular kids in high school. lol I am probably a rarity, but I don't care to know about the lives of famous people. I don't read the magazines, or watch the gossip shows. I simply don't care to know the stuff! I'd rather read a book!

  6. Got a GOAT reply by Matt Striker, he tweeted once "Who do you guys think is going to be on Raw tonight?" and I posted a bunch of musicians, and he tweeted back a few too, I remember two being Stevie Ray Vaughan and David Bowie. Then I got replied by Natalya once, it's in my signature. I got retweeted by Rowdy Roddy Piper three times in a row and got a mention by him since me and another guy were saying Piper was better then Chuck Norris and started making Norris jokes, but putting Piper in there instead of Norris. And Domino follows me on Twitter.
  7. I read that and was like " WTH ARE TWITTER AIDS!"

    I forgot everyone calls you "Aids" for short. LOL :haha:


    Consider the pink an accomplishment. He tends to follow WAY more women. :smug:

  9. I think he follows almost everybody....but I think it was because me and him are Guns N' Roses fans since the time he added me he was talking about Axl Rose and I had my Appetite for Destruction vinyl with me on my profile picture :jeritroll: and I forgot to add, I also had an awkward conversation with Paul Bearer....I think he was irritated by me :okay:
  10. IGNORE THIS! :boss1:


    He only started following me because of a pic CM Punk posted with Domino and him in the pic. He was wearing a Black Cat shirt, the exact one I use to have and I was like " I usta have that shirt!" Then he said something back and followed me. I don't follow him tho. :haha:
  11. You just replied to it hence you are breaking your own rule.

    1-0 to me.

    Naw, when Twitter wants to work I'll get all the verified people that follow me in a list.
  12. @Umbro

    I had more than that :hmm:
    Still, RIKISHI! :yay:
  13. Why do BullyingUK follow you? :lol1:
  14. I don't even know. :emoji_neutral_face:
  15. Were you being bullied?

    If you were, you should of layed the Smackdown.
  16. Nah, i dont play twitter, i think it's a fucking joke honestly. I do facebook though, which makes me a hypocrite by definition.

    Yep, everyone here calls me aids, or champ. You can call me whatever though, ill accept boss champ buddy guy pal goat or godlee. The last is for my boy Blu (west coast rapper) who is my hero.

    The brown i was referring to was Joe Thomas, who is a wisconsin hero, as he was first round pick who went fishing instead of attending. He is boss.
  17. JoMo, Randy Orton, Face CM Punk, and Maria replied to me. Slater RTed me. Blue just promoted my forum in their fanpage!
  18. Heidi Montag called me "Babe" once. :lol1:
  19. Michael Strahan tweeted me and I was on ESPN Mike & Mike in the morning earlier this year :-)
  20. You got a clip?
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