Anyone have high hopes for 2014?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. 2013 really wasn't my best year, but so far 2014 is looking to get great real soon. Finally took some initiative and I can see good stuff happening soon. What about you guys?
  2. Yes for my personnel life. No for my working life.

    My personnel life is great I'm happy want to settle down ready for commitment, off the booze and drugs that were very near a problem at times.

    Work wise no it sucks I cant get a look in for a promotion in my current job as I refuse to treat ppl below me like crap and treat them as equals. We are all human. But this sets me up to fail as yearly we introduce bonus schemes for managers yet nothing for our crew and I constantly refuse to accept the that how we treat people is fair. We have a huge Human Resources issue where I work and me I stand in the corner of the crew our lowest rank I fight and bitch for them to get rights and bonuses same as us managers do and it screws my career. But I'm unwilling to bow down and work for a company that has become so unfair hierarchy wise. Its a longer story but it involves crew losing jobs over being a few mins late managers getting away with gross misconduct issues. I disagree with it all and voice my opinion which fucks me over but I sleep at night happy I haven't become a corporate monster and remember I started at the bottom with a boss who used to be fair. Its just my current boss has no clue and with me being intelligent and knowing laws, rules and regs I tell him whats wrong which doesn't ever go down well.
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  3. Hope all goes well for your job.

    Things are starting to look good for 2014 for me. My friend is getting married which means I'm gonna go purchase a new suit. #Ballin
    I'm going to go to college so have huge plans for that and expectations, been talking this girl I had a crush on in High School a lot recently and planning to find a new job. I can already say 3 days in 2014 that it's already better than 2013 of my life.
  4. Thats fantastic mate!

    Yeah my job can go f**k itself atm my new boss is a moron. But I'm slowly working on been out of there as I cant work for a company with such bad morals.

    Personnel life though I'm buzzing so it balances out for me nicely I hate my 8 hours at work but love my 8 with my gf so I'm very content.

    Workwise I'd buzz if I could get a gig writing reviews for music, gigs, films etc but not sure I am interesting enough but its a pipedream. We all wish for something.
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  5. 2013 was a jojo year for me. Graduated from university, which was an obvious highpoint. Then I spent a couple of months unemployed, downturn, then I got a job, new apartment and a car so it ended on a high note. I plan on making 2014 one of my better years. Or at least working towards it.
  6. Eh, I guess finding a better paying job, doing well in school and enjoying life more. My personal life is fine with me. Got a few friends in real life, but more or less prefer to be on here and on Xbox live.
  7. A new year is just digits shifting in my book. That being said, I am going to continue what I did last year, this year - Finding my dream and what I aspire to be.
  8. high


    yes. I do
  9. Still waiting for the apocalypse and second cumming. Hoping it'll happen this year.
  10. Fuck no. I'm a depressed ass nigga
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  11. I'm sure whoever it is will drop the charges.
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  12. Fuck yeah! I'm a 16 yr old going into the two most important years of schooling, I'm looking to get my first job. It's a big year for me, I'm pumped!
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  13. First half will be great, mainly filled with exams so hardly gonna be at school. Then Magaluf at the start of summer :yay:

    Then hopefully I'll get into Uni, although given my grades and the fact I still haven't bothered applying means it looks less and less hopeful. If I get in then I plan on spending my next four years getting high, if I fail to get in then I dunno. I'll wait patiently for death I guess.
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