Anyone here into F1?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Love it myself. Hamilton ftw.
  2. I'm into Formula One, look's like another sport we can discuss Crayo. Not really a fan of Hamilton. I'm a massive fan of Schummi. In the 90's it was excellent seeing Schumacher at his best. He's still good now. But I think he needs to call it a day.
  3. Schumi is so god damn cocky though, I can't stand him. He's a legend but he's quite a dirty driver too, but I guess it's being competitive. Hamilton and Alonso are hands down the best drivers there, it's just a battle between who's car is the best. Di Resta looks awesome coming up the ranks though.
  4. Agreed, I believe Massa has been pushing his luck at Ferrari won't be long till he is replaced, a talent such as Di Resta would do wonders in a Ferrari.
  5. Feel sorry for Massa, he had to give up his place to Alonso today when they knew Perez was a second faster than everyone in the last 10 or so laps, so they knew Massa would be denied his podium finish. They put all their efforts giving Alonso the fast car, Massa is just his psychic.
  6. Who would you have replacing Massa at Ferrari?
  7. Di Nesta definitely. If not him, Rosberg.
  8. Rosberg is a good talent, it's funny that's he's on 27. I thought he would be older.
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