Anyone here watch Workaholics?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 30, 2012.

  1. If so what did you think of the season premier last night?
  2. was that the one where they took acid? i was watching it as i was doing homework, so i wasnt paying too much attention to it, but from what i saw it seemed pretty funny
  3. Yea it was the one where they took acid.

    It wasn't one of my favorite episodes ever, but it was a solid way to start the season.
  4. mike. does.. he always bugging me to watch it :annoyed:
  5. Classic episode tonight. If you don't watch this show, you should.
  6. what about men at work?
  7. They were advertising the shit out of that during something I watch.. probably NBA playoffs. Didn't think it looked all that funny.
  8. I've never seen it before. I guess ill get round to watching it when I've finished all the current thiings im watching
  9. I love to watch it when it's on.
    There was a full Workaholics night on the Dutch Comedy Central a couple of months ago, stayed up for it because I loved it. Was a pile of doo at work the day after, totally worth it.
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  10. Exactly how i feel. Not my favorite show, but i am yet to be disappointed.

    It's my grape van. Are those organic? No, i just wrote that.
  11. what smells like water trash?
  12. haha. Loved the reference, the original is still my favorite episode. Karls getting married, We're losing a dude! haha

    Still just thrown back by them ripping a gasmask tube on cable tv.

    ETA: Sorry for all the haha's people, its from watching Arby n the chief for hours at a time. Sad face.
  13. Last nights episode = glory. Lol'd hard when he asked if she wanted to suck on his tits (my profile is from their youtube video....I'm kind of a nasty dude, i like it when a girl sucks on my tits....) and the random beatboxing was amazing. Anyone else catch it?
  14. I can upload clips from the show if you guys want.

    Would upload episodes but YouTube would remove them.

    Already did two.

    Anyways, I recommend the show to the UKFags and erryone else.

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