Anyone invested in any current TNA storyline?

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  1. Which means that you're invested in them?
    Tbh, I can expect quality wrestling from TNA, but the storyline isn't doing much for me right now.

    Aces and Eights - When they revealed that Bully was the leader, I thought it was going to be great and that amazing things were going to happen. But currently I'm not invested in it that much. Also the root they're going with Bully facing Hogan is :ricardo: I guess. Hopefully it's AJ Styles that beats him.

    Knockouts - Not sure if they have a storyline. Just random Taryn Terrell matches.

    AJ Styles - Only thing that's got me invested.

    Tag-Team - Again, I don't really care that much for it. It's not even that Eddie's nephew has the title, it's just kinda boring. I like all competitors excluding the ones who shall not be named, the matches will be amazing, but the storytelling...

    Rob Terry - Looked impressive last week. Other than that...
    He's getting better at least.

    X-Division - Not a fan of the triple threat stuff tbh. Also not a fan of the new weight class addition. But other than that, it's decent I guess.
    Whats got you guys connected?
  2. Roode/Aries and Bad Influence rivalry is the best thing invented since porn and sliced bread together on Redtube.
  3. There is basically a lack of storylines going on atm. I understand Aces & Eights is a massive storyline that dominates a good portion of the show & involves a good chunk of your current roster, but that shouldn't be an excuse to just ignore other storylines. Reminds me of WCW when you had the NWO storyline and everything else became bare bones wrestling where they basically talked about NWO during other matches no matter what was going on. Same thing is happening in TNA.

    The triple threat tag team feud has been decent, but there isn't much substance to that story. As I said in the thread I made for the X DIvision's new rules, it natural creates a lack of true feuds. Hell that playmate Taryn or w/e the fuck probably has the second most built storyline at this point, and I just want her to go the fuck away

    Even the AJ shit they are fucking up on. I'm STILL pissed he wrestled Storm on Impact. fuck that shit.
  4. +1
  5. AJ Styles thing
    Anything involving Kaz, Daniels, Aries and Roode, and Joseph Park
    Chris Sabin return

    I'm on "meh" with the Aces & EIghts and Taryn Terrell. They ain't bad, but they ain't so good either.
  6. Forgot about Sabin but I imagine he will just be another guy in the X Division soon and the 'storyline' of his comeback will be forgotten after those initial video packages. Hope I'm wrong but the current structure of the X DIvision sort of suggests that I won't be.
  7. I hope not, as RUMERZ HAVE it that Sabin's push is a long-term one. I hope that rumerz are indeed truth.
  8. All I'm interested in tbh is AJ Styles and whether they're gonna have him save TNA since he is Mr.TNA and all
  9. He can be pushed and still not have a real storyline surrounding him. Kenny King is getting a push but there is no real story involved.
  10. True that, but Sabin's storyline is writing itself down. It might be predicatble story to some, but that can be worked out.
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