Anyone meditate?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. Meditation is said to calm your mind, body, and center you on a more loving vibration. You are able to handle stress better and you become more spiritually self aware. It is a form of praying on a more intimate level. I will be giving it a try tomorrow. I am going to use the "I Am That I Am" meditation with God. It is a form of spiritual and mental affirmation on unconditional love through God. It is said that when you speak "I Am" whatever follows that is powerful enough to shape your world. Another way of saying this is that whatever you speak/think so becomes of you. A more worldly way even still is mind over matter. It is going on 3:30AM... I hope this made sense lol

    Anyone on here do any kind of mediation?
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  2. It may surprise some people to know that I am actually a very spiritual person. When I began seeing a psychiatrist for my OCD, she recommended I enter therapy as well. She found me a therapist who was really into Eastern spirituality because she knew how I felt about those things. He taught me how to meditate.

    Meditation and working out have been the most helpful things in managing my OCD. It allows me to acknowledge the weird thoughts in my head and to realize they are just thoughts and everyone has strange thoughts. I get calm and clear headed. It is great.

    Basically what I do is belly breathing in sets of 15 breaths. I count them out. Whenever a weird thought interferes, I acknowledge it and clear my mind.

    I'm very religious, although my religious beliefs would probably seem very weird to everyone. While my basic immediate belief is Christianity, it is enveloped by Hinduism, which I believe is a blanket religion that ties all other religions together.

    Anyhoo, I sort of drifted away from the point. Meditation does indeed bring you close to whatever God or spirt world you believe in. I do it every day :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Does masturbation count as a form of meditation?
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  4. If so, I am sure you'd be an expert... now behave :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  5. You know it!

    Will do Jakey-Jake...
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  6. *Pretending That did NOT just happen*
    Anyways.... I dnt really meditate. Unless listening to some Sleep Music to help me fall asleep is known as a form of meditation? I think it was called something like Binaural Sleep music/Trans? It helps me out alot. I gotta hv some kind of noise ON in the background. Be it a box fan, The A/C unit or my Music
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  7. Right now I am VASTLY tired and I keep falling asleep for a second or two and jerking awake. For that few seconds, my memory is gone and my mind is clear. I should go to sleep, I know, but think about it. Meditation tries to clear your mind and center you. These micro naps are doing is not meditation, but I am getting a short similar effect.
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  8. Go to bed Jakey-Jake...
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  9. No.
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  10. I meant to respond to this earlier. The base teachings of how to treat each other in Christianity and Hinduism are very similar so I am not surprised.
    A lot of beliefs, religions, and spiritual paths are quite similar to what Jesus taught which is why I never understood why so many people are intolerant towards each other with different beliefs. I always say that what you believe in should make you a better person, not a bitter one; And if it is making you bitter, maybe you need to reflect on what you believe in and why.
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  11. Also Hinduism explains Jesus, Buddha and other people as well. See, there was a period of time called the Axial Age from the 8th the 3rd century BC where philosophers from parts of the world that had no meaningful knowledge or contact with each other came up with similar philosophies. Also, you had Jesus and Buddha as well as many other religious figures from around the world come up with similar ideas within a few 100 years of each other and again, not really in contact.

    That's explained quite well in Hinduism because in Hinduism we are all part of a single force, known as the Brahman. Every single one of us is an part of the Brahman known as the Atman. A good analogy of this is to imagine the Brahman as a river and each of us as a drop of water in the river. So we are all individual pieces of the same thing. And the Brahman can also manifest Gods known as demigods... Gods in human form, which some believe Jesus and Buddha wear. Now some don't believe this, and they believe they were just prophets or wise men. But still, if they were this and they were both parts of the Brahman, then the same ideas could be present in them even though they never had contact due to them both being part of the Brahman.

    I always looks at it this way: think about perspective... think about you and how you exist... how you perceive on a basic level... on a basic level you are you. Ever single person perceives exactly the same way on that same basic level... just like all parts of the same greater thing would do. Now, that's hard for me to put in words and it doesn't Prove anything... just makes me think.

    But Hinduism has grown on me over the years and it's the world's oldest surviving religion (Religion in the Ancient World). So the fact that it doesn't discount any other religion but allows for other religions to exist within it and to many extents can explain other religions, I find it fascinating and possible to exist as the umbrella religion of the world.

    I just had a talk with my boyfriend about an atheist ex BF of mine who I am friends with. He told me about when he died because he didn't know he was a type 1 diabetic. He was dead for 7 minutes before they revived him. He told me that it was nothingness. It was a nothingness that seemed like it lasted more than 7 minutes. He took this as proof that he was right and atheism was true. So I asked him, if he was truly dead and nothing existed within that death, how was he aware of the nothingness. And if he was dead and revived, shouldn't his awareness be immediate... it should immediately cease when he died and immediately come back when he was dead. It should seem like a split second IF he was right and IF he could use this as proof of atheism. He got angry. (I should add as a cognitive psychologist, I know the answer to this. I was just trying to convey to him that what he told me was not proof of atheism. Technically, your brain can remain active for up to 10 minutes after your death. It can perceive things after you're dead, including nothing, thus making him capable of being aware of the nothing. However, this perception cannot be used as proof of the existence or non existence of the afterlife and that was the real point of what I was trying to tell him). Wow, I really went slightly off topic and on a weird tangent there. Hopefully I gave people something to think about when they meditate though :emoji_slight_smile:
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