Anyone notice Wade has let himself go a bit

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Anyone notice Wade has let himself go a bit regarding his weight before he got injured he was all toned up but now hes gone a bit flabby. If he wants to take this new role as a bare knuckle fighter gimmick seriously then at least get back in shape
  2. It is to be expected with such a long injury leave and with that kind of injury. He can't exactly do weight training with a fucked up shoulder.
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  6. Didn't notice it.
  7. i thought so at 1st too, but now it looks like he buffed up to me
  8. Looks fine to me. Undertaker isn't the most buffed up person, but when he came out he still looked good too. You don't have to be all buffed up, just in good shape.
  9. Hes had alot of time off to recover so surely by now he can lift weights. Hes not gonna be taken seriously in this new gimmick with his weight not up to scratch
  10. He doesn't look fat. He still has a large athletic build and a threatening look. And shoulder injuries take a long time to rehabilitate from. Wade has most likely been unable to lift anything with both arms which had any serious weight until just before his in ring return. My grandfather suffered from a similar injury once and it took him close to 7 months to be able to lift properly (he worked with lumberjacking)
  11. knew you posted when i saw this in latest posts. Wade let himself go? You mean got bigger/isnt a skinny stereotype? Post this about lesnar also please.


    This is so many kinds of fail.
  12. you are so disrespectful"!!!!
  13. And still hes not lost any of those pounds from seeing him on Raw
  14. Weight loss or muscle definition takes time. It is not something that happens just like that. Crayo can vouch for it since he works as a gym instructor.
  15. Brock is fatter than wade
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