Anyone remember The Mavericks

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Mar 17, 2014.

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  1. What were they all about ah

    "I just wanna dance the night away" absolute shite. I mean what was going on there ah lads. Manson is on MTV revalutiosing music and these guys are dancing the night away.

    what was it all about
  2. let me guess they're metrosexuals to you
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  3. Yeah, I'm watching the Mavericks game right now. Winning in OT 88-83 over the Celtics.
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  4. Damn, OT with the Celtics? Turrible
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  5. Whoops, I don't know why I said OT. They won 94-89.
  6. cmon lads, get serious

    these pack of jokers used to stink up the airwaves. i remember being 13 and wanting a bit of manson, and these friverlous idiots came on.
  7. Dirk Nowitzki > Manson
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  8. stop messing about

    you know whicj mavericks I am on about.
  9. Dallas > Manson and NIN
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  10. thing about you is lad, you are one of these big bang theory nerds. you think because you know a bit about modern technilogy, you know it all, yet you have a crappy sense of humor.

    you give proper nerds a bad name.

    now stop trolling my threads, and get back in the friend zone where you belong lad
  11. seriosuly lads, what were they on

    used to piss me off how much airtime they got
  12. I've don't think I've ever even heard of these people. Likely a good thing.
  13. I have a girlfriend buddy, last I checked ya don't. I don't even watch BBT, so you're wrong on that behalf. Also, if anything you're the biggest hypocrite ever because you're the one who thinks you know it all. Your sense of humor is drier than a saltine, and you attempt to be condescending in order to cover up your personal inability to defend your arguments better yet even try to do anything right. How amusingly shameless.
  14. I watch Big Bang Theory. I enjoy it. I think it's the funniest show on television.

    Your problem?

    As for the Mavericks, the only ones I'm familiar with are in Dallas, Texas. I'm a Rockets fan myself (inasmuch as I actually follow the NBA). I've never heard of or heard about a musical group called the Mavericks.

  15. It gives nerds a bad name, its quirky nonsence

    give me proper nerds
  16. your obsession with me is disturbing lad

    i cannot start a thread without you sticking your beak in
  17. You mean hipsters like yourself who don't shower and hate metrosexuals? K.
  18. You initiated my response fella. Don't even try to play the innocence card, just makes you look like more of a tool than you already are.
  19. what is a hipster, sounds like a shower of shite

    proper nerds are ones that are smart, and like stuff like batman and wwe
  20. You're a hipster. Perfect way of describing ya.
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