Anyone remember this?

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  1. I don't. It was from the last election season. She is so bad at reading off cue-cards.

    Also this...

    No wonder America looks like a joke to other people. These are two of the people running for president. lol

    #StoneColdForPresident :finger:
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  2. This was during my hiatus away from wrestling, thank god. So much cringe...
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  3. Didn't Vince wrestle "Obama" (some fake Obama) or some shit like that too? lol
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  4. So glad I wasn't watching wrestling when this happened. wth
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  5. Umanga was awesome!
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  6. [​IMG]
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    This is a pile of bovine excrement
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  8. We hate on Trump cuz people think he's rascist and crazy

    We hate on Hilary cuz who her husband was

    It's gonna be them in the end in the final election

  9. Trump isn't racists though and Hilary isn't her husband.

    Trump tells it like it is which people find offensive.

    Hillary is known crook and was close to going to prison.

    A couple of wieners if you ask me. I would rather have someone in office who offends me with their words than their actions though.
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  10. " Hey, don't touch her. She doesn't even let me touch her " ....LOL
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  11. What do you mean by "tells it like it is"? Like how Mexico is intentionally sending hard workers here to rape and pillage American cities? Don't mean to get into a Presidential argument but it's pretty bogus to say he "tells it like it is" because he kind of doesn't. He has been known for using fake polls or rather inaccurate polls to get his point across. He is racist and that's what offends many. Saying he isn't racist is like saying Hilary isn't a crook. It just so happens being a racist resonates with a bigger percentage of Americans than being a crook does. This election I'm voting for Willy Wilson baybay

    Anyways I remember this, and this...

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  12. Not the thread to get into politics. I don't vote anyways.
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  13. Man, Hillary makes everything sound so boring, jesus fucking christ.
  14. lol He isn't a racist, some people are just too delicate and sensitive when it comes to certain issues such as those pertaining to race.
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  15. EDIT: gonna keep this on topic.
  16. I don't know if anyone realizes this, but the whole political storyline in those videos were intentionally made for a reason. Linda Mchanon for example went and put herself up for senate to eventually be put into the presidential race. Donald Trump was on WWE for a reason. And it's not because of The Apprentice show. It was because Trump had or has political aspirations at the time and still does.

    Trump was there to gather a lot of traction for his Trump businesses, and then future aspirations. So now he's running for president, EVERYONE knows who Trump is.

    I don't like Trump as a candidate for president solely on the premise that every time he goes up for debate, he thinks that the whole thing is a fucking show. WHICH IT IS FUCKING NOT!

    I'm a Latino, I should be offended by his remarks, but I'm not. I applied for citizenship, and won it. However, I like Hilary than Trump because she STRAIGHT up said... "I don't want immigrants to be deported, I want them to get a stamp of CITIZENSHIP." That's how you win voters! THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT!

    Hilary should be frontrunner based on that quote alone. That quote right there applies to ANY immigrant, not just Mexican immigrant. ANY.
  17. Hillary

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  18. Why do you hate Hillary? You know the controversy is not really her fault?

    She's being advised by Bill Clinton. Ya know, the popular president of United States?
  19. Definition of a liar. The entire Clinton family are morons.
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