Anyone Share My Growing Boredom With Wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. I've been a wrestling fan since the fall of '96, but stopped watching in late 2005. Kept up with it throughout 2006 (a great year), tuned out completely through 2007-2009, started keeping track again 2010 (although I haven't watched most Raws or PPVs since then either) and as of this year, I've been trying to make the best effort to get back into it as much as possible. But it just ain't happening. Regardless of how the shows are booked, I just feel a sense of ennui every time I watch. I'm kinda excepting that I've just lost a lot of passion for wrestling as a whole. There's only a few things thet generally interest me - Rock coming back, Ziggler cashing in eventually, The Shield (mainly Ambrose), seeing how they'll handle Ryback (only cause it's fresh to see a new face in the main events), etc. That's about it. The fact that I've been here almost a year and has far less posts than most everyone should alone prove how unenthusiastic I am when it comes to discussing most wrestling related matters.

    Anyone else feel the same?
  2. Same here, all those and the tag team division revamping is the only reason why I keep up anymore, I just can't really take time to watch reruns of WWE. If it's live sure I guess I can go through it, but not like a true fan. I am getting bored with it, the Shield was just one thing that grabbed me and took my interest back just in time before I just dropped it.
  3. Definitely, I haven't seen anything even close to a full show since Night Of Champions of this year. Since then I've watched a Punk/Hell No/Dolph Ziggler promo or two, and I've seen The Shield interview Cole conducted (though I watched that quite a bit) and maybe a quick match or two but that's all. Perhaps the saddest part is before I stopped watching pretty much everything and just relied on skimming results and dirt-sheets to be able to contribute something, I can say I was really enjoying it all too much. Normally just one or two segments, and it was that way for awhile.

    Although what really might be the saddest part is how little in WWE there is that actually interests me. Ziggler cashing in and Ambrose (and The Shield by extension I guess) are pretty much it. The other stuff that possibly could are killed by typical WWE booking or at least the direction it seems WWE is going with the booking.
  4. You're not alone, PWG interests me and that's about it in the US, should probably head over to the orient actually.
  5. No, because I watch an actual WRESTLING, not WWE.
  6. Olympic Wrestling? :smug:
  7. Well, I have fun watching it. It is a bit stale though, yes.
  8. I haven't watched Raw in over a month and I honestly haven't missed it too much. I never really watched Smackdown.
  9. I feel the same. There used to be a time where I liked Smackdown more than I liked Raw, now if you say that people will look at you weird because of the shows decline. There's been a general decline in wrestling period and I think right now is the high point of it. Part of it being that WWE has not had good storylines in a long time and the one or two that are good die out within months. Hate to bring up the old drum of PG being responsible for it, but it is to some degree and anyone who disagrees is just nieve IMO. WWE turned its back on the fans that made WWE what is today by lowering the value of the product by taking a way its edge. I think WWE is trying to appeal to women (at least the lonely, romantically helpless ones) with all these love dramas. For the 1st time in years I tuned out from Monday Night Raw for consecutive weeks, and I don't even bother with the other shows. It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to wonder if WWE will be around in the next 10 years if it keeps going at this rate.
  10. No as despite having the odd issue with RAW I'm still watching wrestling and WWE but mainly NXT. I know there is so many problems with the product but something keeps me watching. The dvd factor helps that situation with WWE as I like owning films and stuff so with some of the alternate companies being difficult to pick up on region 2 I stick with WWE. Plus for whatever reason I'm convinced that the product will improve.
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