Anyone suprised Cena won???

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  1. Anyone suprised Cena won??? come on we all knew he would win he over comes the odds all the time
  2. No supercena was going to win no matter what
  3. Super Cena should be sent far far away.
  4. Why because hes a boss
  5. Because he is ruining the product with a stale character that only appeals to kids and his bad booking. WWE is not interesting most of the time because Cena always wins (something I exploited for legends). He himself has even stated disliking his character but he is not allowed to play one he likes.
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  6. TBH I love cena and his role is good but it can be better but i needed him to win for legend lol i would love to see cena heel
  7. A Cena with more edge that didn't just pander to kids and slow people (No offence to you I know you are a dad so I understand you liking Cena since he is a good role model.) would be just as good as a heel turn. But he would have to start losing cleanly because he is at that stage in his career. He is a 12 time champ (also 12 time loser.) He doesn't need big wins and titles all the time anymore. Let him focus on building for the future. He is still credible if he starts losing cleanly.
  8. Judging by the amount of new legends, I'd suggest no one is surprised :emoji_slight_frown:. Big Show lets me down again.
  9. Big show is my hero for loosing Cryola
  10. Surprised no, but i did think Big Show could actually win it. Cena won dirty though, with all the help from the faces, so it makes his win look less credible
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  11. Not really, was quite obvious tbh. Big Show had so many chances to win however he was not meant to win which is why. However, Brodus did help Cena a lot when he got knocked out.
  12. i never hated Cena more than i do right now. he is the who always humiliate stars before leaving!!!! think about it, Batista and now johnny and many others in the past.

    he is simply the worst superstar WWE has ever produced except for the merchendise side.
  13. CM and Cena, BA star kids, if someone is an asshole to people, YOU BE THE BULLY! Still haven't gotten over how hard CM shit on Hardy before he left, and i think its just hilarious (so many people point it out also) that most segments where Super-asshole (CM SHEAMUS CENA ETC) are actually the bully to follow up with the BAstar commercials. No i'm not suprised, im just suprised those faces jumped up on the cage to get beaten like tards.
  14. Not really surprised that Cena won (never happens to anyone, I believe), but I also wouldn't be surprised if Big Show came out the winner.
  15. he wins most of the time so im not surprised
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