Anyone Think Lawler Is Retiring Soon?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dat Kid, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. This is not based on any type of rumor I heard, it's just something I thought of. Lawler is getting up there in age. For a couple of shows they had Michael Cole out by himself or with a guest commentator. They're also giving him a lot of attention. He's been doing the job as long as I've been alive, anyone think that he's about to leave commentary?

    They way I see it is he gets involved with the Punk/Cena match at Night of Champions. We know Heyman will be out there, so maybe Lawler will hit Heyman, distract Punk and Cena hits the 5 moves of doom. From that point Punk gets a match with Lawler and that'll e his final match.
  2. I hope so, he's so annoying. Like you say he's getting a little old now. I don't know how they'll book it though.
  3. Lawler doesn't work quite as well nowadays either. With JR back in the day his comments about women and being a T and A were bearable and at times amusing. Now it seems dated and he comes across as a ridiculously pervy old man and at times I cringe at what he says.

    So on topic I see it happening soon as there is ppl who can do the job but better these days imo.
  4. If there's any debate on whether or not he should, it was last night's Raw. Cole alone on commentary was a huge improvement, but when Miz showed up it was phenomenal. WWE had to see that and see Lawler's only hurting their product, and there's nothing he can contribute anymore.
  5. All I can say is please be right.
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  6. I do. I thought about that. I know Lawler sometimes works storylines/matches but with this one and how much attention it's getting him retiring crossed my mind, Cole announcing by himself is another sign. Yes, he may retire soon, and it'd be nice.
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