Anyone think they're being lazy because...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. They have these mega stars and huge draws making them a ton of money on the major PPV's? Why put effort into a quality product on RAW when you know you're going to draw huge buys anyway with Lesnar, Rock, Taker and HHH to fall back on? I know there's a host of other factors involved in WWE's horrific product at the moment, but do you think the star power they have and guaranteed money is a factor? If so, how big?
  2. You would think they would have kept everything rolling on Raw, but no, that would make too much sense. Vince isn't going to fork out extra money for Raw if he don't have to. That Kmart commercial for instance with Sheamus... Same one as last years, they just switched WWE 12 for 13. Then Punk's banner on last Monday was the same one they showed weeks ago. It had rating pending on it. I see what your doing Vince!

    Its not really being lazy... Just Vince being a penny pincher.
  3. It's not horrific. U expect too much.

    The show is fine.

    Some aspects can be cringe worthy, but you don't think every show is going to be top notch. They have to try things to see if they work. Some do some dont.

    Who knew the funk assures was going to be a huge draw to start....

    It all can't be "I'm the tag team champions!"
  4. Firstly, I said the product in general. WWE has one entertaining show that actually means anything to WWE, and that's RAW. The rest are fillers that contribute nothing to the "WWE world" or "kayfabe" as we call it. We invest our time and sometimes money into this product when RAW has about 20 minutes of meaningful storylines in a 3 hour show, and the countless other hours we could spend watching WWE mean nothing as it's just random matches contributing nothing to the product.

    There's what, 6 hours or something of WWE a week? How come only 20 minutes of that 6 hours is relevant? Furthermore, how does 20 minutes of 6 hours being relevant not mean your product is horrific?

  5. Worst post in board history. Seriously.
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  6. [size=x-large]the funk assures[/size]
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  7. Yeah, not only that, they're lazy because there's no challenge or anything. They just have to keep ratings at a certain level (which isn't hard considering the huge fanbase), to make money they make dream matches with guys who should be putting young stars over and that's it, they don't have to do a good product.
  8. Truth is that Raw and SD have sucked for ages, but Vince doesn't need to change a thing as far as he is concerned cos he makes a killing in merch sales regardless of how poor the roster is.
    Laziness personified
  9. Crayo you are right. They just put the machine on cruise control until taker/rock/brock/ come back.
  10. They are being lazy because they don't need to put much effort in as there's no competition whatsoever, there's big names that they currently have and due to the fact that they know that 90% of us who claim that we're not going to watch it anymore due to an awful product, we still watch it next week. I understand as far as them trying different things however that shouldn't be the reason of them not offering most matches with any relevancy. I can see they're trying to build a few names though, let's see how this goes. We're just normal people that watch the WWE. WWE is a massive company that made wrestling what it is today, they know what they're doing we just don't think outside the box as they do.
  11. I've read many things in the IWC but this? Really? I would mark out if WWE actually left the box to come up with something original.
  12. Yes, really. Why are they such a successful company? Believe it or not they know what they're doing - give it time.
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