Anyone think those Jericho promos for his return were bull?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. I mean, they served no purpose what so ever when he returned. Honestly, they should've just had one promo that said he would come back for what is his not 6 friggin promos with bunch of BS.
  2. It did get everyone wondering what they were about though, it was a nice discussion.
  3. Yeah I have no problem with it, I'd prefer it than when they flash a still image and say "So and so returns next week"...that sucks.
  4. So it's either



  5. yeah it just annoyed me that half the stuff from the video really didn't apply to the return that much at all. but the first weeks without him talking were interesting.
  6. What I think happened was they had a different angle in mind, but bailed for the best in the world vs best in the world feud (which then was bailed for the drunk vs straight edge feud). So those vignettes meant nothing eventually, so Jericho explained it as him "trolling the audience" which he did do so it covered quite well.
  7. I believe Chris was trying to be creative and nothing more. He was, maybe, grabbing for attention and succeeded
  8. I think this was probably what happened. It has all the markings of a last minute decision to ditch the first plan. The benefit for WWE is that it was so vague and random that nothing changed when they changed directions.
  9. Shame as those vignettes were the best I've ever seen for a hyped return. They were insanely good. WWE is incredible in this area; video packages, vignettes, internet hype and anything similar.
  10. They should use them again every six months or so, and three years down the line have someone debut and say they've been planning it for years hah
  11. When it was happening it was good. However, looking back at it it all made no sense. At all.
  12. I liked them :jeritroll:
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