Anyone Upset That We're Not Getting An Ambrose/Christian Feud?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. It seems obvious now that the planned feud between Dean Ambrose and Christian for the United States Championship is off given that they haven't interacted in weeks and they've now used The Shield as an excuse to turn Mark Henry baby face and they're headed in the direction of doing Henry/Usos versus The Shield at Summerslam (sounds horrible.)

    But also, it makes that job The Shield did to Christian and the Usos on Smackdown a few weeks back rather useless. I know it's just one loss that won't mean anything in the long run (it already doesn't mean anything) but I'm picky about these sort of things and I hated seeing such a dominant team lose to a team consisting of mid card guys like those after they had already went over different teams consisting of guys like Cena/Undertaker/Team Hell No/Ryback/Orton/Sheamus/Jericho/etc.

    I'm aware of the concept of an 'upset' but that is my point - it was supposed to build towards Christian getting a shot at Ambrose for the title and have people believe he could win the championship, hence why he was the one who scored the pin fall in the match, and scored it on Ambrose (IMO Christian shouldn't pin people with the spear, it's a move better suited for bigger guys who can build up more force in using it. Just a quick complaint.) Under that context, I could accept the loss better.

    Ambrose/Christian for the US Title and Rollins/Reigns against the Usos in a rematch was a much better option IMO. I like the attack on Henry, I just wonder if they could have used it as a way of writing Henry off TV until after Summerslam or something. I know the next PPV is Night Of Champions, which is a PPV that is supposed to be mainly about challenging for championships and they obviously would want Henry to challenge The Shield as a group BEFORE giving him a one on one title shot (against Ambrose, I assume) but still. They could have worked it out someway.

    Anyway, who else wanted to see Christian and Ambrose instead of what we're getting now?
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  2. Well, there are a few things we got from them calling this off. First (assuming that they don't go back to it), a lack of consistency and their win over Shield being useless, as you said. It's a negative but it doesn't annoy me, really. Face Henry kinda concerns me. So far he's been booked perfectly as a face, but let's see how long that lasts. Although yeah, Christian/Ambrose and Reigns and Rollins/Usos would've been better then Henry and Usos/Shield, but we may get that later.
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  3. Nobody's ring gear screams jobber the way Christian's does...

    I'd rather walk outside in Big E's ring gear and buy a steak than wrestle in Christian's trashy tights
  4. In all honesty not really. A program between Mark Henry and Ambrose down the road sounds much more interesting and high profile than Christian. Sadly that is how it is.
  5. I'm pretty miffed actually.

    Ambrose hasn't had a real feud for that piece of tin he carries around since he won it. The Shield was supposed to restore prestige to a couple of dead titles, but instead I generally forget they even have championships until I notice they draped over their shoulders on their way to the ring.
  6. I'm not upset, but it doesn't really make sense.
  7. Doesn't really matter, I think both feuds are interesting.

    With Christian: You'll get a good technical match or two, the feud was already hyped and built with Christian/Usos getting an upset over the Shield, and it would have been a cool rivalry. It also gives Christian some purpose, brings a bit more prestige back to the title since it'll be in a feud with a young talent and a former world champion.

    With Mark Henry: You get a more aggressive match, I can see Mark Henry in control more and with Ambrose's selling abilities, I think the two will work out great. It also brings some more attention to the United States title scene since a former world champion, coming off being the number one contender for the WWE title, is going for the belt.

    Both sides have their ups and downs, but I don't mind either one really.
  8. Yep. If it had promo time, then the feud would have REALLY helped Ambrose. The matches are guaranteed to be decent as Christian is involved, and the promos because both of them are very strong talkers. I'm also pissed they lost that match so randomly, but that can be fixed immediately, and has. Ambrose needs personal feuds if he is US champion. If they never planned personal feuds for him, then putting the most disgusting belt on him has done nothing but harm.
  9. :zeb: The most disgusting belt was that immigrant belt they called "European".
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  10. Not upset at all, in fact i prefer it to Christian because Henry is far more charismatic than Christian. We can leave the wrestling to the Usos and it'll still be a good feud. The team of Henry and the Usos balance each other out if you think about it. If they were with Christian who would be the guy with the mic? Christian isn't good on the mic imo.
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