Anything weird happen IRL that reminded you of forum-related things?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Snowman, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. So, I ventured in to the LR to share a quick story and encourage you all to do the same if you have any. Has anything weird happened to you in real life for things you see here on WWEF?

    Yesterday, 'twas walking down a street down here in redneckland trying to find a Taco Bell, and saw this billboard that caught my eye. "October Food Fest! Expo Center!", and right next to that was one was an ad for Knoxville's Stone Interiors with a great big logo that read "KSI". Start laughing out loud, wishing I had brought my camera, and said "If they only knew" before turning around and being super-startled by an old dude staring awkwardly at me.

    Your turn! ^_^
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  2. no just no
  3. Had to throw something worth replying to in the thread
  4. Every time I watch to catch a predator I think of JeebaK
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  5. Nothing in this forum yet, but, there are certain things that remind me of people I know in a forum, stuff like certain sports teams, actors, musicians, etc. Brings a tear to my eye.
  6. Nothing "weird," necessarily, but anytime I see something related to Canadians in real life, I think of Senhor. :ksi:
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  7. Once said "OH HELL NO!" to my friends, They gave me a weird look.
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  8. :haha: Reminds me I did once tell a friend, "I say fuck when I piss!"
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  9. I use this all the time honestly. Gohan is my hero
  10. If I argue with someone and they know they're wrong but won't admit it, reminds me of a few people here.
  11. Every time I have sex I think of each and every one of you.
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  12. Good question. I've met a few people that reminded me of members, but other than that, not so much. The thing I struggle with is using forum smilies in real life. The amount of :pity1:'s I've given my girlfriend is unreal.
  13. I say colon pity1 colon all the fucking time, then I stop mid-sentence and I'm like "uh... what a pity!!!"
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  14. So true. The smilies here are addicting. Simple ones like " :emoji_slight_frown: " and " :emoji_slight_smile: " just don't feel the same. With one of my friends who knows about the forum, I find myself having to stop from typing smiley codes in texts to her.
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  15. Also have been care cupping people recently
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  16. That shit caught on so fast. I'm proud of myself for that.
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  17. A real weird thing that happens IRL is that I think it's okay to talk to women like I talk to them on here. They are far less perverted and accepting of me saying DAT ASS
  18. I'm always doing this pity face - :pity1:
  19. Wait, you made that up? Totally thought that was a whole internet thing.

    Also it still feels really weird using wwef smiley codes in skype or text. Will never get used to that, even though it's always the same one :ksi:
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