Apology from me.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Sorry everyone for overreacting on the Head Booker - Role thread which you can find in the Federation X section, I'm especially sorry to all my voters and god bless.

    Forgive me @[seabs] you are a great guy and very good at writing, it'd be such a loss if you decided not to write for the eFed.

    Not trolling though...
  2. It's not ones persons fault I'd love to write with you guys I'll just have to think about it tbh. Also apology accepted.

  3. What's up then?

  4. It's just all the drama involved tbh, it could end up annoying me too much tbh.
  5. Apology not accepted considering when I apologised you replied with:
    "I meant that I didn't want to post Apologize threads in the "Locker Room" and who knows suck up to other users in PM in order to gain votes from users, because I am not that person I am fair compared to you."

    So does that mean you're now going back to sucking up because the votes open for another 2 days, to gain more votes?
    So here you're saying you're now sucking up?

    Sorry Crayo, but I had to make my point.

  6. You are excluded from my list of "Everyone" okay the apology was not directed at you and neither was yours directed at me because I never cared plus I didn't post on your thread therefore you should not put your nose in my thread.

    Whatever I do you're always there to start flame wars and then suddenly you're the mature man, dude you're so fucking fake.
  7. Thanks for apologizing. Closed for obvious reasons.
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