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  1. I'd like to issue an apology to everyone on WWEForums.

    The way I acted in this thread yesterday was completely unprofessional and unacceptable.

    I began to flame, curse and acted in a way that's not acceptable for someone who is trying to become a leader of something and gives a false example to people, that I'm something I'm not.

    I don't often react in the way I did yesterday, however I'm sorry, and it will not happen again. :no:
    Thank you.
  2. The penguin makes everything okay.
  3. I need a bit more than an apology on a forum to forgive you :angry:
  4. It wasn't much of an issue tbh, just a bit of tit for tat. Apology accepted however. Just keep incidents like it to a minimum and you'll be fine.
  5. :cool::cool:


    Thanks :wink:
  6. It'll do :dodgy:
  7. I wasn't offended by anything, but uhhh... Your name starts with J, so appology NOT accepted...

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  8. Suck up thread.

    Put your nose into my thread and i'll put mine into yours, I wish that this thread gets closed for fairness.
  9. And closed.
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