Apparently clothing kills, too

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. So it is not enough that we have to worry about what is in the air, the water, or the dirt. It isn't enough that we have to worry about what we buy from the grocery stores and restaurants. It isn't enough that we have to study labels of every lotion, body wash, and general cleaning aid... And it certainly isn't enough that we have to worry about basically anything we clean or freshen our homes with. Nope. We now have to worry about our clothing because apparently, a lot of the big brands out there, specially luxury brands, are laced with formaldehyde. I am not joking either.

    While I do have a few more expensive places I shop at, most of my clothing is cheap stuff but even so, next to no athletic gear is 100% safe. Most of them have multiple chemicals that can't be washed off and are leached into your skin through heat and moisture. Go figure.

    So yeah.. While you are working out and getting "healthy" in the gym, you may actually be further destroying your body at the same time! And what makes this whole bit of findings funny is that China is the country who uses these damaging chemicals the least and America uses them the most. L oh my frickin serious L.
  2. Awesome way to lower the population.
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  3. Ironically, one of the bad effects is semen counts dropping. So yea... lol
  4. Does this mean we should all walk around naked? :gusta:
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  6. My clothes are hand-made :bischoff:
  7. I think at this point, the question is: "What doesn't kill?" :smirk2:
  8. :xanth:
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