Apparently Rock was injured in his match with Cena.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    “Cena leaps 15ft & crashes down on the back of my neck – tearing my right hamstring. Intense pain.. #IFinishedTheMatch”

    -The Rock on Twitter.
  2. Poor guy, I suppose rust is the culprit here :tough:
  3. I agree, ring rust does that to ya.
  4. Not sure if it was even ring rust, tearing a hamstring after taking a move like this... It could just be a freak accident. If anything it was ringrust, and nobody should criticize Cena for something like this. The guy's usually really safe anyway (outside of some reports of not knowing his own strength)
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  5. Agreed. Almost everything they accuse with Cena is actually not his fault.
  6. :lol1::lol1::lol1:
  7. So why are we only hearing about this now?

    And holy fuck, I didn't know that was such a big jump. Wait. It can't be 15ft that likes 2 1/2 me's.
  8. Why the fuck would I let someone as heavy as him fly up and plant his ass on my head? Fuck that, right before he lands I'd punch him directly in the balls and laugh like a prick.
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  9. how long did the match continue after that :hmm:
  10. Ah... randomly tearing thigh muscles and continuing the match. :bury:
  11. Cena is a fucking botch get him out of the ring right now

    Dwayne is a tough guy carrying on the match and beating Cena's ass. Thank god hes ok now
  12. Brock broke Bob Holly's neck, should he have never wrestled again also? This kind of shit happens and I'm not sure how this is Cenas fault in the same being of the Holly incident.
  13. Although on the Holly botch it was Bob's fault. Sandbagging jerk. But one way or another, because of one botch a guy shouldn't be fired lol. And we're not even sure if it was Cena's fault or Rock landed awkwardly.
  14. Not Cena's fault. He's doing that move for quite some time and it's just how the opponent sells it by how fast he will go to the ground. Some fall when Cena just touches his leg on their neck. Then there ain't no problems.
  15. STFU Rock I hope you know Wrestling isn't basically acting, lame ass people finish matches with way more worse injuries.
  16. Botches are so overrated by the IWC. They happen. When you're doing some of the difficult things they do, or have to be in the perfect spot... Things aren't going to happen perfectly every time. Unless it's something really egregious, just give the guy a pass.
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  17. This doesn't excuse Rock's shitty performance. He was already exhausted well before this happened. Also I'm 95% sure he is embellishing with 'torn hamstring'- it was probably a severe pull or slight tear at worst.
  18. Re: RE: Apparently Rock was injured in his match with Cena.

    I'm thinking the fatigue is more to blame then anything else tbh, he cant have been focused on the spots when he was that out of it.
  19. Dwayne is a beast to carry on the match I bet Cena would be crying for the match to stop
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