Apparently these matches are happening @ WM

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. The only one that interests me is Punk/Taker, the other three I don't care about at all.
  2. Nothing really surprising, I was already expecting three of them and Sheamus/Orton is nothing I couldn't see coming.
  3. Cena getting his win back, lulz.
  4. i dont see the chemistry between taker and punk , lame matches imo
  5. Not too surprising since three of those we had already mentioned as possibilities and discussed some here and there.

    Still not keen on Rock vs. Cena again at WM, even more so after all the "once in a lifetime" hype from WM 28.
  6. Rock/Cena - Winner is Cena
    Brock/HHH - Winner is HHH
    Punk/Taker - Winner is Taker
    Orton/Sheamus Winner is Sheamus

    What an unpredictable WrestleMania this will be! :facepalm:
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  7. Ah, that sounds atrocious. Not a chance I'm watching this Mania if this card is the best they can do. I'm not surprised at any of those four matches being on the card though. I guess I was just hoping to read a report that stated otherwise from this one. Add into the fact that I recently read somewhere that Sin Cara vs. Mysterio had been cancelled, and this Mania already sounds less appealing than XXVII did. Granted, it hasn't been confirmed yet, and the Cara/Mysterio thing is [hopefully/probably] nothing more than speculation, but still; the picture the dirtsheets and WWE are painting for this Mania is of a disgusting quality.
  8. I must contradict for Rock will win again, and Brock will win as well.
    Taker wins, no doubt.
    And the state of Orton/Sheamus depends on who's heel and who's face.
  9. Brock won't beat HHH again. lol

    And Orton will be the Heel against Sheamus, and he will lose.
  10. So pretty much Wrestlemania: Predictability edition.

    Apart from 'Taker/Punk, I don't want to see any of those matches.
  11. If these will happen, it will be a bit predictable but I don't care if it's predictable or not. Just give me good matches, good promos and joy of wrestling. That's enough. I'd love to see Punk vs Taker as streak vs reign. It will be a great and a big match, but wonder when Taker wins how can he continue with the title. I mean he gets injured a lot.
  12. Dude Punk marks are shameful.

    Punk/Taker and Cena/Rock2 are both going to be great.
    Sheamus and Orton were going to be there anyway, better they cancel each other out.
    HHH/Lesnar = same deal. Depends on how they build, it could be great. Most likely, it's Lesnar/Goldberg2.

    All i care now is that we get DB back in singles, Get DZ/ADR, and See what we can do with all the contenders. Keep miz out.
  13. I'm willing to bet my ass off that 2 out of these 4 matches will NOT happen. Who's gonna bet with me?
  14. I don't understand the Taker vs. Punk match. If this happens they can't have the title on the line, because Taker won't be able to wrestle 365 days a year. He can't barely do WM anymore...
  15. Punk is most likely dropping the title, either at the rumble or at the EC for Rock. It seems clear that Rock is to walk into mania as champion.
  16. I would say at EC
  17. Only the last one appeals to me in the slightest.
  18. When is SCSA/Punk happening?
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