Apparently WWE wants to stop blurring out the WWF logo.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. -TWNPNews Never heard of them, but certainly interesting for all of you nostalgia and edge marks.
  2. RE: Apparently WWE wants to stop blurring out the WWE logo.

    Screw the current WWF, complaining about other companies' names and logos. But good for WWE that they don't have to blur it on short clips.
  3. I really don't understand why the scratch wwf logo was ever an issue. they are allowed to use the older wwf logo, why is that one acceptable?
  4. I think it's another case of WWE being ashamed of their past but not ashamed to make money off it.
  5. I guess they had an agreement to use that one with the Fund, they changed it without notifying them, thus causing the lawsuit and eventual change.
  6. It'll be good to start seeing old WWF matches again without the logo being blurred, I can understand why the WWF was funny about WWE using the logos but I don't see how now (especially with how my years have gone by) they could still hold the issue, as it's only a logo really and people will still say WWE instead of WWF etc.
  7. the WF scratch logois the best!
  8. Well, it's not blurred anymore, as of yesterday. Pic 22.

    Slow news day.
  9. The WF sign in the bottom left hand corner brings back only good memories. In comparison to live bloody trends and the usual, corny crap we have these days.
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  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll look forward to spending some time around here and getting to no everyone.
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  12. I catch it funny how a fund that's suppose to be friendly would sue someone over a name. Anyway I really don't care if they do or don't blur the logo out, I'm watching the match or whatever is taking place, not starring at the bottom left section on my screen for a little logo.
  13. cause they care about animals not humans!!!
  14. But Batista is an animal! He could have fought for WWE!
  15. WWE still owns the rights to the scratch logo, just not the letters "WWF"
  16. so when they release dvd of old match they not blur no more?
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