News Apple to buy Beats Audio?

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  1. Looks like Dr. Dre is about to bank off his BeatsAudio line.


    Apple is supposedly set to pay $3.2 billion dollars for every product available under BeatsAudio label.

    This basically just includes the hardware itself and then the Audio Streaming service that they had as well.

    Honestly it's chump change to Apple but in all reality this is a mistake. You're paying 3.2 bil for something that's maybe worth like 700 million.. and more to that is that BeatsAudio headphones are a joke, they look ridiculous and are simply just a fashion statement.

    Well now that I say that actually it makes sense, seeing as Apple itself is generalized indeed as a fashion statement in its own.

    Hmm the negative I see out of this is that if the deal goes down Dr. Dre will no longer need to do anything music related again to make some cash flow come in.. Instead he will be sitting pretty with a shit ton of cash, I'm pretty sure he'll be one of the first if not the first billionaire in the rap/hip hop industry.

    Read more about it in the Link below!
    Apple to buy BeatsAudio?

    Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to discuss.​
  2. He is rapper's first billionaire.
    inb4 Apple screws them up.
  3. Beats suck anyways. Awful headphones. Congrats to Dre though sitting pretty with that money.
  4. I think the earbuds are great... I never owned or used the headphones though.
  5. i cant use earbuds as my ears are getting knackered so have to use on ear headphones. Tried Beats and just didn't like the sound quality and how flimsy they felt. So went back to Sennheisers.
  6. Is that a German company? I never heard of them... But then again I am not a big technology buff. haha
  7. Think so but not sure. My mates a sound engineer and swears by them so I tried them and got hooked.
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