Appreciation Thread (Everyone)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. This thread is for people you feel are under appreciated.
    Post someone and your feels on why you think they don't get enough cred.
    Can be anyone. Can even be members who are no longer active or have left.
  2. I feel you all are appreciated in your own way :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. No one is underappreciated.
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  4. You sure bout that? *cough*#BanBLFFL*cough*
    (haven't seen her around for a while, probably it's because I couldn't care less about her threads...)
  5. I feel Punk is under appreciated. He is a great member. Gives great suggestions. Never lets crap get outa hand. He shoulda been staff long before he was made staff. Sure we had our disagreements but after getting to know him more, he is a nice kid. Its a shame people hardly bring him up in anything anymore. There are a few members on here that come to mind that make the forum what it is and he is one of them.
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  6. She's banned as far as I know, not sure how this relates to being underrated though.
  7. Punk's appreciated as can be, he's staff it's one of the highest ranks you can get and people respect his posts and stuff. Sure he's not dick sucked like some members but it's not a lack of appreciation IMO.
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  8. Didn't know she was banned tbh. Nevermind. She was underrated because everyone fucked up her threads when she was trying to give us some discussion. I agree that some of her threads were just useless, but in the other hand we have all those threads with something to discuss about... Probably it was just the 10% of her threads, but at least we could've discussed instead of ruining them tbh.
  9. Either way... A lot of members get their asses kissed for bs stuff. Just sayin. :pity:
  10. Big Hoss pops into my mind. He's done a lot for the forum even though he doesn't post as much.
    Solidus and Coon fall into that category as well, although they do post.
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  11. That's true the forum did let it's self go abit but she wasn't under appreciated as people put up with her bullshit for ages before letting it go. It's like Gohan if you call him a little bitch it's not because he's underappreciated it's because he's whined for around a year none stop it's earned.

    That's true, hell I'm one of them but that doesn't mean people who aren't are underappreciated it just means some are more appreciated.
  12. you must be the only one who doesn't appreciate him if this is the case.

    I know I appreciate him
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  13. Can mean it both ways though. He can be under appreciated compared to those who are more appreciated but maybe I feel he is under appreciated simply because other members are more appreciated then he is so looking at the others who i feel have too much value to their name, in comparison, he is lacking it.


    I hope you understand that. :lol1:
  14. I know you do too. I am not singling people out lol
  15. Punk has helped me be less n00b like as have a lot of you guys here. Thank you
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  16. There always someone more appreciated lol, everyone appreciates people at differing levels :haha:
  17. Solidus and Irwin are hot. So them.
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  18. exactly. Wish I coulda just said it that way. lol Also just noticed you name and LOL'd :lol1:
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  19. Coon is overly appreciated if anything
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