Evolve AR Fox is out of the WWN

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  1. The big sites (Observer, Pwinsider) have reported on this. Apparently AR Fox is no longer connected to Gabe Sapolsky, Evolve and the WWN at large.

    Fox's side of the story:
    Gabe's side of the story:
    As much as I dislike Fox, sucks for him to be out of a steady job, and sucks for Gabe to lose one of the guys he has used as a cornerstone for the last 2 years
  2. So, Gabe Sapolsky?

    Hopefully LUG picks Fox and puts a mask on that ugly mug. It seems to be working for Strickland. Call him El Zorro Celestial.
  3. Fucking good
  4. Ahh, shame.

    Gotta agree with Bort, doe. I'd have zero problem with him working for LUG.
  5. Too bad they had a falling out.
  6. u jelly

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  7. The reign of black h8 continues on this site. Seeing him as a Panther dressed like a Tiger to face a guy as a Puma dressed like a Leopard wouldn't hurt, but he was one of the best draws on the WWN roster, imo. Sad.
  8. That's a good point, actually. Had never thought about it, pumas don't really have spots, do they?
  9. How do you figure out that AR Fox is a draw?

    You understand what a draw is, right?

    Historically speaking Fox being or not being on the show hasn't been a factor in how big a crowd for Evolve is.
  10. I'm guessing since he had the title for nearly a year. If he wasn't doing his job by drawing fans, he wouldn't have been a champion for so long. Also, I put an 'imo'.
  11. Nope. They have tan fur.
  12. The evolve title was secondary during Fox's reign. Gargano and the open the freedom gate was the main ticket draw at the time.

    He was champion for so long because Gabe thought he was cool and he likes to try and build talent up. But Fox is a failed experiment
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