Are Erick Rowan & Luke Harper the most dangerous combination in the tag team division?

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. Hope they win the tag team straps someday.
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  2. Here's to hoping they do it at SummerSlam
  3. All the jobs they did for people in 2014 says No. :hhhooh:
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  4. So dangerous they were left out of the EC tag match.
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  5. You know, my fantasy booking for that EC tag match was that Harper & Rowan would attack Los Matadores (or some other team) and enter the EC and then end up winning the titles.
    Such a shame it didn't happen. But I'm hoping they win the titles at SummerSlam.
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  6. That two-out-of-three falls match they had with The Usos at Battleground last year should have been the moment that Harper and Rowan won the titles. Then they should have went on a dominating reign where they tore through nearly the entire division before someone finally beat them for the belts at some point earlier this year. I'm not sure I even care as much anymore to see them win the titles now (not that I would mind either, but I'm more interested in seeing The New Day get a long run with the straps, and/or The Lucha Dragons getting a run with them as well.)
  7. Yeah, Harper & Rowan SHOULD HAVE won the titles from The Usos at Battleground last year. I was like 110% certain The Usos were losing the title that night. But, oh well...

    I'm still pulling for H&R to win the titles from The New Day (perhaps it'll be in a triple-threat/fatal four-way) at SummerSlam, though.
    And then they'd eventually drop the titles to The Lucha Dragons at the end of 2K15 or at the Rumble.
  8. H&R Block for their new team name
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