Religion Are most people on this forum Athiests?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. No!

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  2. I'm still trying to choose.

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  3. Yes!

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  1. So, yeah..........
  2. I are atheist
  3. Once again yeeeaaaa buddy.
  4. Poll option "I'm still trying to choose."

    One does not simply choose their belief. I'm forced to be atheist by my brain, and a religious person is forced to be religious by their brain
  5. I believe whatever Vince does.
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  6. nope, im a baptist


    not true AT ALL
  7. What makes you think that.
  8. Where's the "I'm tired of hearing people debate about religion, so while I'd don't actively believe in a god, I don't deny the existence of one, but don't pick one due to not wanting to be caught in the crossfire of all this bullshit" button?

    (Nothing wrong with this thread, not an insult on you guys)
  9. So if my brain forces me to be a serial killer, you'd be OK with that because i have no control over my own actions?
  10. Athiests rely too much on their brain. To believe in god you have to go outside of your brain and your little world. It's not as simple as E=MC2=God.

  11. What is your belief? Try and force yourself as hard as you can to believe the other option. You can't. If one day you change beliefs, it's not because you chose to. You can choose to control your actions by physically being involved with religious stuff such as church, but you can't choose what you believe. What you believe might change, but not by choice.

    Let me give you an example. Has there ever been a wrestler you didnt like, and then you suddenly started liking them? Was it a choice? Or did it happen against your will? (that sounds kind vicous, it's not meant to be)
  12. I'm a born Christian..
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  13. You choose what you want to believe Vince. If you try to force yourself to change your beliefs you can't because that's not what you really want. What kanenite said was true.

  14. You're talking about actions. I'm talking about beliefs. the belief would be that (it's fine to kill people?) and if you one day did believe that, it wouldn't be your choice. I can prove it to you be asking you to force yourself to believe that killing is right. You can't choose your beliefs.


    You can't do it because it's not you're choice to believe it.

    I'm going to hell for all eternity because of my atheist beliefs. Wouldn't that be enough to make me chose to believe in the correct God? No matter how hard i try, I can't believe because it's not my choice.
  15. How do you explain religious conversions? Those people chose to go out and learn the details about that religion and chose to convert to it.
  16. Everyone has their own thought about it. Sometimes I believe some parts, other parts seem unreal to me.
    Decide to choose your own choices about it, and do not let others make it. (Like Vince said)
    There are people around the world praying to forgive, to love, to become, to rise, for their children, for their family, etc..
    I've prayed, and I go to Church once a year. It feels good to me. I would miss something if I didn't do it.
    I have all the respect for others who believe other things, other religions, or just no religion. It's their choice they made in life. So what can we do about that? Nothing. Just live in your own thoughts and you'll be fine.
  17. beliefs are not choices or something you are born with. They are things people see as right or wrong. You can't choose them, but you're also not born with them. You have to go out and experience things to obtain those beliefs
  18. It's more of a decision than a choice. But if you don't believe in god, then why would you be afraid of eternal damnation?

    There's a saying called "seeing the light", what you said is true. The only way a person can believe in god is if God reveals himself to that person.
  19. They are a choice. When you want to follow something because it feels right, you choose to follow it. Like I do. I'm not the guy who is in Church every sunday, just once a year. I choose to do so. So it's definately a choice.
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