Are our expectations too high in wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. This really came to me during Bound for Glory, a show that I didn't like at the time and soured on even more in retrospect, but most people seemed to enjoy to some degree. Forced a PM conversation on Crayo and said "Are our expectations too high, or are the companies just failing to meet them?"

    So that's the idea of this thread. Here in the IWC we take wrestling seriously, and expect them to take it seriously in return, so a lot of the time we feel disappointed in the shows. Is it our fault for having too high of expectations? Or their fault for not delivering them?

    Odd topic, I know
  2. I'll say that I particularly only get mad about a few things. I'll debate things that I find strange or bad but honestly I don't even get mad at it, I just watch it and have some fun. But as far as the general view, the expectations are different for different types of fans, for the IWC people it's high, but the IWC is a small perchentage (:steiner:) of the fans, so the big ones don't really have to hold great shows for most people to still watch. So it's easy for us to be disappointed.
  3. Not really. I'll point out bad stuff in a show, but that doesn't mean I hate it or anything. The fans, not the ones on here but ones on Facebook and Youtube, those are the ones who piss me off. I can look at booking and see as to why stuff happened.

    Bobby going over Angle, and Angle getting up. I'm assuming they are showing that Angle has a bit to go(taking the loss), but him getting up shows that he's not going to give up.

    Gail winning the KO belt, shows a different storyline and Im happy to see the belt off of ODB and not Tessmacher get it.

    Chris Sabin was an interesting choice, but at least they gave the belt to someone who will most likely stay in the X Division for a while, and will give Manik a good rivalry.
  4. Nah. I expect there to be mistakes, no one is perfect and not everyone is going to like the main story lines. Cup of tea, blah blah.
  5. Well, my expectations certainly aren't too high but the answer to this question general depends on the individual and/or individual circumstances. For the most part, the build up the event plays a big part in rather the blame is on the viewer or the company when it pertains to failed expectations. Granted, the actual card to a PPV matters too but the whole point of a build is to build ld.up your expectations for the PPV, hopefully to the point of you relieving money on the show and in the shows quality should be somewhat representative to the quality of the build. Essentially, if your expectations for an event were instilled by the shows leading up to it then it's on the company for failing to meet whatever quality they were leading up to. Of course, some people are just going to get higher expectations than others for several factors which makes it a bit messier to decipher who's at fault but regardless, none of this relates to me anymore as I just watch the PPVs and since it would be asinine for me to try to speak for anyone else in this situation, I'll just focus on me from this point forward.

    Like I said at the beginning, my expectations aren't too high in wrestling. In fact, they're very, very small. At several points during my occupation as WWE fan, my expectations were probably too high for what the product really was. Certainly was when I first joined this site and littered it with my ideas for booking WWE and tried clinging to any hope that CM Punk wasn't going to lose to The Rock like I initially thought he would the second the match was announced. It's no secret I was never a fan of that route and while I still believe the direction I was hoping for was the better direction to go, in all ways except short-term gain, it doesn't change the fact that it would've be a much more riskier endeavour that WWE clearly weren't willing to make (nor was there enough provocation for them too) and that any hope I kept was just going to lead to further disillusionment from a passion I once held dearer to me than any other. Pretty much everything about WrestleMania XXIX and it's build were the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back (though Eve Torres's departure was major too honestly) and why I'm not likely to watch a full WWE show again after I fulfill my self-made promise on here to review ever WWE PPV of 2013 (potentially excluding WrestleMania XXX, I may watch that fully depending on what card they shape up for, Wrestlemania XXX is a better swan song than TLC). But my disappointment was a slow burn leading up to the Road to WrestleMania so by show-time I wasn't disappointed by the poor show as I've been expecting it for months at that point.
  6. mine are
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  7. I think we expect to much because we compare everything to eachother.

    We always see a storyline, and compare it to the past eras.
    The attitude era will surpassed. Ever.

    We will never see the epic bloody matches and amazing story lines. Times have changed. PG will remain for a while as they are making huge $$$.
    So yeah, our expectations are high as hell.
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