Are signs really necessary/needed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. This stems from the recent reports off two fans being moved to the non camera side after having their signs removed at the last RAW.

    Are fans bringing signs to the shows really necessary anymore in your opinion? WWE is obviously not as lenient with it as they were during the attitude era and before it signs were not nearly as common but the shows were still of quality. So we cannot claim that they really highten the quality of the show that much apart from those rare occassions (Bryan coming out to a sea of YES signs at mania 28 and the RAW after for example). Plus signs nowadays aren't really that good anyways. Mostly cardboard cut outs of cartoon characters (I've caught Spongebob and Patrick multiple times in the crowd), a wrestlers head or the typical "I'm with Chris" sign, and that is great Chris.

    TNA is not nearly as filled with signs, nor is ROH and definitely not lucha libre or Puro. WWE seems to be the only game in town that still has that presence of signs in the crowd. There are also reports of sign users obscuring the view for other fans and being obnoxious towards the rest of the crowd, so one could also argue that they ruin the experience for other fans.

    Are signs really needed in today's WWE? When a crowd is "on" nowadays it is noticed vocally. Do they really need to wave around pieces of colorful paper with badly spelled text on it?

  2. Always hated signs, especially when I was at events during the Attitude era. You ruin the experience for people behind you to get your sign on TV for 2 seconds? Who cares. I don't think they should be allowed at all. However, if they are allowed, they should ALL be allowed (unless they contain vulgarity or nudity).
  3. Idk, I think it can add quite a bit to the crowd atmosphere (if that even makes any sense). Mania w/ all the Yes! signs was actually pretty cool to see. Reminded me a bit of the old days, when everyone had a THE ROCK sign.


    Crowd's today suck in general, signs don't add anything, so I guess no. They aren't really needed.I wouldn't mind seeing more Skeletor signs though :yay:
  4. Lol.

    Signs are fundamentals of wrestling, why threw that out? Sure, there is some stupid shit on them every week, but banning them? Come on, get your shit in. Threwing signs out of pro wrestling would be just as stupid as wrestling getting kicked out of Olympics, for me.
  5. Is it really a fundamental? Signs didn't take off in ernest until the Monday night wars. Before that they were nowhere near as prominent in any kind of wrestling product. It's not like they are a cornerstone of what makes a good product. People aren't going to tune out because they don't see people waving pieces of paper around. A crowd should be able to be lively and rowdy without them as shown in multiple sports all over the world.

    I see no reason for them being used nor for them being a fundamental part of the product. Everything that the signs do can be achieved with chanting and noise.
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  6. This has always been my opinion. Signs kind of add a "fun" atmosphere to the event but they aren't really that important for me, especially when you get dumb and bland signs like "Hungry Jack - Butt Crack." WWE probably wouldn't rid of them though, because they sell things that people hold up similarly, like foam fingers and foam heads, which you could argue also block people's views.
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  8. In my view, it is fundamental and it really doesn't matter when started to get so popular.

    People obviously love signs because they wouldnt bring them to a wrestling show else. Like it or hate it, it's a part of pro-wrestling traidition and I approve of it.
  9. Take them away and maybe the crowd will chant more?

    I dunno i enjoy signs they add to the atmosphere and its fun to try and spot cool ones in the crowd.
  10. Meh, I can do with or without them. Don't think they're necessary.
  11. I Do like them. Yeah they aren't necessary but when a guy like the rock comes out and then all the signs are raised looks awesome. Also at WM. A crowd full of signs can make a match look bigger. (Rock. Vs cena wm28)
  12. Meh they are funny at times. I don't really mind them though honestly. Sometimes they can be funny, if not I'll just ignore them. They don't really affect the show to me though.
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