Are Smark crowds bad for business?

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  1. when i mean smark crowds.. i mean the ones who absolutely shit on Roman Reigns and stuff, yes i am a roman hater myself, but i think it gets too much.

    dont feel the need to just have a small say, go all in and tell me what you think

    Are they bad for business?
  2. I am a firm believer that fans should be able to what they want at shows, they paid for their ticket. They should be free to react however they please.

    It's not like these crowds that boo Roman plot to do such beforehand, if you look at the end of TLC where he attacked HHH or I believe it was the next night when he punched Vince, he got a good pop. It's all depending on how WWE books him. Same applies to Cena, he was loved, but as soon as he turned into "Superman" fans turned on him.

    The only "problem" I see with crowds is how they treat Roman. WWE's been pushing him the exact same way since around July 2014, just about 2 years and he's still booed, but the company(Vince) just cannot understand that maybe the way he's pushed is the problem.

    I mean, if anything, WWE should at least be happy with all the boos for Roman, if they didn't happen can you imagine how quite the crowd would be for Roman?
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  3. i agree actually, but i think that 'holy shit' chants and stuff while kids are in the arena is a bit too far
  4. Crowds have the right to react, cheer, boo and chant as they please. Doesn't mean they should do it. Crowds aren't booing Reigns because of the way he's been booked, more-so because it's a trend. Casual fans who have no idea of the internal workings are booing him, for booing sakes. Not to mention, that the marks that do boo and sing Cena's song are just adding fuel to the fire. They're pushing them as "polarizing" and people that can garner a reaction out of anyone; if people really wanted to get these guys out of the top book, they'd stop reacting because obviously booing doesn't do anything in Vince McMahon's eyes. And to that note, they think any match with 2 near falls that goes over the 8 minute mark is warranted by "This is Awesome!" and a table spot gets a "Holy Shit!" chant. I've seen far better matches in ECW, and they hardly chant those unless it was really crazy.

    Another thing is that they ruin the show. The crowds spend more time putting themselves over than actually watching the show. You have people who buy first row tickets to dress up and try to become memes. They think they're hot shit and start chanting smarky chants like "We are awesome!" which is just cringey. They divert the attention of the show, and the wrestlers getting pissed off and with good reason. The first time it happened after WrestleMania 29, it was cool. Since then it's just been about who can be the best Mania crowd instead of having fun. It's stupid, ruins the show, disrespects the wrestlers, annoys viewers and attendees alike.

  5. one thing that pisses me off is when they cheer for someone who aint even there.. like Sandow and when they chant Boring, its disrespectful to the wrestlers who dedicate their lifes to perform for them, only for them to shit on them, take Sheamus vs Randy Orton from last year for example
  6. They're annoying as fuck. That's for sure.
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  7. I usually like smarky and rowdy crowds, except for when some of these assholes start chanting 'WE ARE AWESOME', putting themselves over and then I'll be like: :finger:
  8. At least the pro-Bryan crowds are gone.:jeritroll:
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    But the anti-Reigns crowds aren't gone, though. :hhh2:
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  10. It's anti not con. Who the fuck says con?
  11. I honestly have zero problem with them. I prefer to have different kinds of crowds than back when I was first getting into wrestling when every crowd was exactly the same. Every crowd cheered Hogan and booed Ted Dibiase. I like knowing that the reaction can be different depending upon where the event is taken place.

    In regards to some of the things said here, I absolutely hate the "boring" chants. If it is so boring, they should go and find something else to do. That one always irritated me. I have no problem with the "holy shit" chants. If people don't want their children to hear that, which is silly because it's just a word that all the kids have heard before anyway, then don't bring the kids to the event. The fans shouldn't have to watch what they say just because someone chose to bring their kids to an arena full of thousands of people who have every right to express themselves how they want. Fans are not responsible for raising other fans children. Likewise, even though I hate the boring chants, once again they paid for the ticket so they can say whatever they want... but mostly I think when they chant "boring" that they are only making themselves look stupid for buying the tickets. "We are awesome" is just idiotic, but same principle applies.

    I go back and forth over what kind of crowd I like to hear. Honestly, as long as the crowd is loud and I can hear them reacting, I don't care how they react. The only thing I really hate is a dead crowd. At least the smark crowds make a lot of noise and I love a noisy crowd.
  12. Just to add about profanity. I actually recall being at KOTR 1996 with my friend Jon and there was this old grandpa in front of us with his grandson, someone that looked no more than 11 years old. And Jon was yelling stuff... hell... lets just say he was being so profane that he was making South Park look like Sesame Street. I mean he was yelling sexually explicit vulgarities that might even make Jason Mewes blush I eventually told him to stop because it made me uncomfortable that he was so fucking stupid to be saying all of that and basically yelling it into the ear of a 11 year old boy. So that, yeah I had a problem with that because that was just inappropriate for pretty much anywhere that's not a Kevin Smith movie. So I guess I even have my limits but they are high limits.
  13. nah. The Internet is.
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  14. That's what I meant. lol Have no idea why I wrote con.
  15. In the case of Roman Reigns you really can't blame that on the smarks themselves. WWE has been trying to make Reigns the top guy for 2 years straight, booking him in the shittest ways possible and expecting him to get over with the crowd, even though they clearly couldn't stand him.

    Smark crowds generally are fun to listen to but can get annoying especially with shitty 'what' and the infamous 'cm punk' chants. But they bring an energy to a show that often times makes everything more entertaining. I'd take a smark crowd over a dead oklahoma crowd anyday.
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  16. Smarks can be good or bad either way
  17. put 2 respected indie guys in front of them and they'll instantly start a "this is awesome" chant after the first headlock, yet they'll boo the shit out of Reigns even though he's been putting on good matches recently. Smarky crowds are phony as fuck and barely have their own opinion as they just follow whatever's cool and trendy to like/hate.
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  18. Wanna know whos bad for business? The WHAT crowds.
  19. Yeah, the 'What' chants should fucking die.
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