Are the Authority even heels (in action) at this point?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. I mean, outside of HHH constantly undermining DB in hilarious fashion, what do they do that is heelish? They shit on Orton more than anyone, they know what's best for business, they brought back Brock Lesnar, they are a picturesque couple... HHH & Steph rule. They rarely even get boo'd, mostly cheered, again, unless shitting on DB. They are basically faces and IMO DB is the heel, stepping out of line with his buffoonery calling Steph names and the like. Constantly interrupting their segments for his petty bullshit. Didn't eat meat, now does. Dates the inferior Bella. screw that guy. I hope HHH squashes him at Mania.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Just for you then :dawg:
  3. Does booking Cena/Orton matches too frequently count as being heelish :tyson:?
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  4. Perhaps.

    But look at how they buried Big Show. that shit was hilarious. How can people think they are the bad guys?
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  5. But they're burying Sandow & Ziggler too that's pretty HEELISH!! lol jk jk burying the Big Show is great though I totally gave them mad props for that.
  6. They aren't burying Ziggler at all (in kayfabe). They book him almost every week on Raw, he loses. They give him a spot in the RR, he gets tossed on his head within seconds. Sandow, idk, he was never really on Raw and I have seen like 2 eps of SD in the last year.
  7. After the authority screws Bryan at EC, it will be revealed that Kane had been ordered by Hunter and Stephanie to do everything he did, and Triple H will turn into super heel prior to the Bryan match. This is one of the reasons they're bringing back Hogan to host WrestleMania, as it won't be right for Hunter/Stephanie to book shit in that character.
  8. They are the most evil people in the world and must be stopped.... why can't Deadpool just appear and chop their heads off.. then we can all be much happier. DOWN WITH THE AUTHORITY!!
  9. Super heel HHH is boring and played out. Best for business, smug, 'good guy' bad guy HHH is awesome. "Hey little buddy Daniel, gonna give you the night off since you are a little agitated, alright little guy?"

    so much win.
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  10. Sandow gets booked too haha, Oldschool RAW he jobbed out to goddamn Khali and then got Cobra Clutched by Sgt. Slaughter :emoji_slight_smile:.. and then has jobbed out to Cena as well on RAW recently (used it as a quick recap for a few months earlier as a "rematch" for that MITB cash-in gone wrong, suprisingly they made the Sandow look good in that effort but did nothing with it) . They gave Sandow a spot in the RR and he got tossed out within seconds as well lol. But yeah down to the nitty gritty he definitely doesnt get booked on RAW as much as DZ.. It's mainly Main Event/SD.
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  11. Hunter sledgehammering Bryan's vanilla midget face > that.
  12. [​IMG]

    We've seen his ass with a slegehammer too many times. 2002 called, it said zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Mad heat though, and adds to dat pay-off that Bryan marks fap to.
  14. I think he can get more heat with condescending promos tbh. His backhanded complements to Bryan are gold and get hella boos. If he just starts snarling and sledgehammering again [​IMG]
  15. He's been cutting those promos since Summerslam lol. The crowd just zones out.
  16. Yea, the crowd completely zoned out this week when he gave DB the night off Monday night "in his best interest"
  17. Triple H is great on the mic and still draws major heat that way... but he's also gotten pops lately while ridiculing Orton... So I would say at the moment The Authority is riding that fence right between face and heel... now that is the kayfabe portion. IRL... HHH is a fucking egocentric heel who doesn't want to see anyone he doesn't like go over. He's slowly turning the fans against the product... then again.. maybe HHH is so vested in wrestling that the way he is backstage is just some elaborate work and he'll change his ways and start booking better and letting the fans orchestrate some of the show. Only time will tell... and I'll keep watching to find out.
  18. Even being a Bryan fan I still loved that moment.
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  19. I like this thread.

    I'm a huge fan of the current HHH character. And I think calling the Authority heels/faces is very simplistic. It was about 15 years ago that Austin was celebrated as being the most over face in WWE despite being a heel. At that point, Vince was talking about creating characters that were neither true faces or heels, but basically shades of gray. That's the character of the Authority. We're supposed to hate them as heels because they're the Authority, but they really don't do a lot of heelish activity. DZ's right to say that they're basically faces except when it comes to being condescending to Daniel Bryan.

    I'm also bothered by the idea that the smarmy, "best for business", condescending, smart HHH could revert back to being the snarling, maniacal, sledgehammer-wielding HHH. I like his current incarnation much more.

  20. This has been obvious for quite some time now. In fact, I don't think it's been since October or November of last year that The Authority has actually drawn any real heat from the crowd aside from their occasional mistreatment of Daniel Bryan (which only started up again in the past few weeks, and even then, hasn't been anywhere near as bad or oppressive on him like it was last fall.)

    The angle was so much better when they were oppressive leaders towards the entire roster who did what they felt were right even though it wasn't (that's what most heels as well as villains in other genres of storytelling are - characters who think their actions are 'right' and feel the ends justify the means, even if they don't.) I mean, they made us care enough about Big Show last year that nearly all of us were begging to see him finally hit HHH with the WMD, and when he did, everyone marked. Everyone marked just as much when Show cost The Shield the tag team titles. Cody also got a nice rub from being fired by HHH and then winning his job back as well as the tag team titles. Ziggler was one of the guys punished for speaking out against The Authority, so imagine how much bigger of a rub it would have been for him to spite HHH by taking the US Title off of Ambrose or something. And, of course, Daniel Bryan was more over than ever when he was going up against the machine and fighting against their per-conceived notions of what a WWE Superstar should have to look like. Point is, they really could have used the angle a to give a better rub to more guys on the roster.

    So, best case scenario at this point is, they do something dastardly to remind us that HHH is in fact supposed to be a heel (screwing Bryan over in the chamber, perhaps.) I'd of still much preferred a mega heel HHH going out of control the past several months until VInce had to return to the show to inform he and Stephanie that the way they're running things is starting to cause a ruffle with the Board Of Directors and things have to change. it would have made us care a lot more to see HHH (and Stephanie) finally get their comeuppance.
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