Are the "goldberg" chants really a bad thing?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 26, 2012.

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  1. Do you know who else got those chants? Brock Lesnar. It wasn't until he went over Rock where he really became the guy. I think the chants at least show WWE the crowd are interested in Ryback. Also, comparing him to one of the most over superstars ever isn't that bad at all.
  2. At first, it seems like it's a bad thing because they don't look like they care about the guy in the ring and ironically compare him to Goldberg. However, as you said, at first Lesnar and even Goldberg himself weren't over. He has to go over someone big and change those chants from "Goooldberg" to "Ryyyback". But the chants just by themselves aren't really a bad thing.
  3. It's only a bad thing if they make ryback feel bad :emoji_slight_frown: .. if he doesnt mind them then it's not bad!
  4. I don't remember Brock getting any Goldberg chants. Regardless the chants aren't bad per se, but they could fairly be interpreted that way, because it might be that the fans are saying they've already seen this before and thus don't really care.
  5. If they didn't care would they chant at all?
  6. The fact that they care is only cuz he seems like a goldberg copycat to them. :dawg:
  7. But they care :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. They kinda have to. If Lord Tensai came out with a goldberg entrance and started spearing people they'd be chanting Goldberg too. :dawg: Also, I dobn't remember lesnar ever getting goldberg chants.
  9. Doesn't mean they care in a positive way. If someone chants Boring, I wouldn't take that as a positive thing just because they can be bothered to chant something.
  10. TBH, WWE fans are just waiting for Ryback to become 'the guy' so they won't have to chant that anymore. :obama:
  11. They should bring Goldberg back and use him to put Ryback over.
  12. Doubt Bill would do that.
  13. Me too, but it would be nice, I think. Maybe, if they actually start booking Ryback a little bit better for the time, Lesnar could put him over in the future.
  14. That would have worked so well if Lesnar went over Cena, went over HHH, went over X and then lost to Ryback.
  15. Yes. But he was beat by Cena, we don't know the outcome of his feud with HHH yet and I'm not sure if he'll be looking very dominant if he occaisonally fights with Ryback later.
  16. HHH won't lose bud :((
  17. Who knows? :dawg:

    Well, anyway, they'll just probably book Ryback into obscurity by having him squash jobbers every week for another month or two. :downer:
  18. Really don't see why comparing Ryback with a unique legend can do anything but help him.

    So WWE hasn't purged all the optimism out of you yet, Leo?
  19. About pushing Ryback or making HHH bury people?
  20. As you said, "who knows". Like you aren't completely convinced that HHH is going over.
    That's good, so easy to be skeptical and expect them to screw this up.
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